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Why Pretty girls get less more attention from guys this days

A study on factors that influence relationships always focus mostly on girls. But this days much attention have been shifted to the guys because it can be observed without much doubt that guys of nowadays tend to show a preference or make an approach for less prettier girls.

In the years past guys always wanted to be in relationships with girls who possessed certain features such as a pretty face, tall, smaller jaw bone, bigger boobs, bigger butt, right curves, bright eyes etc. All in all, they wanted girls who had striking beauties and were attractive because it boosted their ego. But the same thing can’t be said this days.

I was chatting with a female friend a few days ago and along the line we got into a conversation on girls and their criteria for dating or getting into a relationship with someone. While she argued that girls wanted to date the attractive or more physically handsome guys/men, and the rich guys who could satisfy their material desires. I told her that i personally had a different ideology. I believe that a girl/woman get attracted to a man and sometimes falls in love with him for who he is and how he carries himself. A guy doesn’t necessarily need to be strikingly handsome to get the type of girl he wants. He might not even need to be rich or possess all the wealth in the world for him to get the attention of miss world if that’s who he craves or has a thing for.

My findings show that guys of this days suffer from complex, even the handsome ones. 70% of guys nowadays find approaching a very pretty girl of their taste a heavy task that is to an extent un-achievable due to a lack of self esteem and a fear of being embarrassed or humiliated by such girls, this factor is a major reason why most pretty girls are still single because they get lesser approaches. The same guys feel they have a better success rate when they walk up and talk to a girl who to them is less more attractive.

It is the reason why the “Okay” girls/Ladies/women get a lot of toasters nowadays that they even become choosy. People can judge for themselves how attractive they are by the amount of attention they are receiving, whether it’s good attention or bad attention. Most “not too pretty” girls get too much attention to an extent that most of them start having a feeling that they are pretty or possess hidden beauties (Laughs). My candid advise to guys is to stop being intimidated by pretty girls, try to make an approach for any girl you feel suits your taste. The pretty girls are not usually as hostile as you think they are. Forget about the feeling of getting embarrassed or humiliated, because that mindset can cause you to settle for someone less than you deserve. Some guys don’t approach the pretty girls because they feel they might have been taken by someone else, very laughable but true. Sometimes this girls leave hints but you fail to pick up on the bombs and it is very hurtful on their path. You don’t expect her to make the first move, 98% of girls won’t do that, so you are expected to make the move. Not like girls don’t approach guys at all, 2% of girls do that, i’ve had girls approach me in the past and trust me, i can definitely tell the difference between slutty girls and the genuine good girls.

My advise to the pretty girls who are worried and sometimes get hurt because they are getting less more attention is that beauty is very subjective. In your eyes, you could be far prettier than these girls that you see getting all the attention. But the girl you call ‘ugly’ could be gorgeous in the eyes of the guy who’s talking to her. If it’s easier to grasp this way, think of it in terms of celebrities. I personally think Jordan Sparks is really pretty
but that Nicki Minaj is ugly. A lot of people would disagree and say that Nicki Minaj is gorgeous or that Jordan Sparks isn’t pretty. Beauty is all in the eye of the beholder. I’m sure you and your friends don’t always agree on which celebrity guys are
hot. It’s all based on the individual’s opinion, you know? The best way to deal with this is remind yourself that there will be guys out there that will find you attractive and posses enough guts to walk up to you. Just because you’re not seeing them now
doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. I know it’s hard to keep that in mind but it really does help.

The pretty girls for sure may get more looks and stares and wolf whistles, catcalls and stuff. But what about guys approaching them and asking them out? I’ve heard a mixture of answers from previous questions about this topic. What is your opinion on this?

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12 Foods That Banish Bad Breath

Did you eat a particularly garlicky slice of pizza at lunch? Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that breath mint or piece of gum isn’t going to cut it. In fact, even if you brush your teeth and gargle with mouthwash, you’re merely covering up the foul stench of your last meal.
Bad breath is caused as methyl mercaptan gas builds up in the mouth. This occurs until food is fully digested. Dry mouth and food bacteria are also culprits of bad breath. However, the good news is that you can blast the foul odor, just by eating right.

Here are 12 foods that banish bad breath…

1. Water:
A dry mouth full of food particles is a haven for foul breath bacteria are anaerobic, but drinking water cleanses them out.

2. Apples:
An apple a day will banish foul breath if you eat an apple after that garlicky pizza or pasta dish.

3. Green Tea:
Yet another health benefit of green tea—it contains polyphenols (a type of antioxidant) that prevents the growth of bad breath bacteria.

4. Cherries:
Red and juicy cherries are more than just delicious following dinner by blasting methyl mercaptan odors that are emitted from bad breath bacteria.

5. Parsley:
Banish stinky garlic breath garlic with a few sprigs of parsley, which contains polyphenols that break down the sulfur compounds that grow in your mouth after a particularly garlicky meal.

6. Whole Milk:
Studies have linked the fat and water in whole milk with flushing out the odor-causing effects of a garlicky meal.

7. Spinach:
Studies credit the polyphenols in spinach to annihilating smelly sulfur compounds in foods like garlic and onions.

8. Lettuce:
Studies show that lettuce also reduces the foul smell of methyl mercaptan, a gas that builds up in the mouth as food is digested.

9. Spearmint:
Leafy greens that contain high amounts of chlorophyll —such as mint, coriander, tarragon, eucalyptus, rosemary, and cardamo —work effectively as natural breath fresheners.

10. Yogurt with Probiotics:
The powerful bad breath fighters in yogurt are due to the active cultures—Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus—which prevent the build-up of odor-causing hydrogen sulfide in your mouth.

11. Citrus Fruits:
Oranges, grapefruit, lemons, and limes with high vitamin C content make the mouth adverse to bacterial growth.

12. Basil:
Don’t worry about skipping the garlic and onions if you’ve got basil on hand! It’s rich in garlic-breath- fighting benefits of polyphenols, particularly if consumed during the same meal garlic pesto sauces anyone?

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5 Ways To Save Your Marriage

If your marriage is falling apart, these five steps provide you with a clear path out of the darkness and a new beginning for your relationship journey.

With these five steps, couples have been able to reawaken love and enjoy each other again. Even if your situation seems hopeless, don’t give up.

1) Commit: While it may appear obvious, the couples that do not make it are usually those not committed to making their marriage work. When you make the decision to commit, you have decided to put in the hard work that is needed to save your marriage. When you waver and think about what it would be like if you married someone else or how you wish your life would be different, you are usually not able to generate enough momentum to push forward and repair the relationship.

2) Seal your exits: Couples in crisis are often focused everywhere but their marriage. It’s so painful, who can blame them? Even if we are physically married, many of us have “checked out.”An essential step to bringing the energy back into the relationship is to seal your exits. This means thinking about the various activities where we focus our inner resources and whether they have become substitutes for the look of excitement and fulfillment in marriage. Besides the obvious (often-fatal) exits of infidelity and substance abuse, here are a few common exits that we may find ourselves doing: Work, exercise, over eating, facebook, taking care of the kids

3) Detox your marriage: Eliminate all name-calling, finger-pointing, blaming, and shaming. A toxic relationship cannot thrive. Angry outbursts chip away at the love and trust that a couple has for each other. Instead, take ownership for your feelings and frustration by focusing on why your spouse’s actions disturb you. Replace the “you” of “you always do this” with “I” – “how I felt when…”

Finally, learn to ask for what you want. It’s so easy to complain that we often forget what it is we are missing. Rather than focusing on how your spouse ignores you, share how badly you crave his love and attention. Not only does detoxing your marriage help remove the poison from your relationship, it will make your spouse much more amenable to meeting your needs.

4) Enter the world of the other: One of the painful realizations that married people discover is that “my spouse is not me.” In order to make room for the other, it is critical to learn how to acknowledge that your spouse may see the world very differently than you. Get into the habit of asking, “Is now a good time?”

5) Love infusions: Working on any relationship is challenging, especially so when you are trying to rescue one in crisis. That’s why it is crucial to infuse your relationship with loving behaviors that promote positive energy. These love infusions help lighten things and add fun. Show appreciation, fix date nights and exude caring behaviors.

When we act lovingly we not only stimulate our own love for our spouse; we awaken their love for us as well. And with these concrete behavioral changes occurring, we show that the relationship can indeed be different.

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10 Ways Your Personality Affects Your Weight

Whether you’re the life of the party, a bookworm, or most active during the night, your personality plays a surprisingly large role in your ability to slim down. Follow this guide to discover your personality type and use your own characteristics to lose weight and keep it off for good.

If you’re impulsive: In a famous 1972 study, scientists offered young children a choice between a single marshmallow immediately or, if they could wait 15 minutes, two marshmallows. Those who waited went onto experience more success and higher SAT scores later on in life. The ability to delay gratification also relates to weight loss, researchers say.

People tend to be either a “one-marshmallow person” or a “two-marshmallow person.” If you’re struggling with weight loss, you are more likely a one-marshmallow person. Eliminating little temptations will help: stop stocking your pantry with junk food, and avoid the break room at work when you know there will be leftover treats.

If you’re reliable: Always on time? Follow rules by the book? It means you’re conscientious, a trait that makes it easier to stick with an eating or fitness plan. However, whether you’re conscientious or not, there’s a paradox in that creating a plan forces you to think about food all the time, which can work against you. The solution: create routines not specifically about dropping pounds that will still lead to weight loss, he suggests. For example, instead of driving your kids the mile to school, start walking with them.

If you’re prone to mood swings: The way you ride life’s rollercoaster determines your emotional stability. If you’re emotionally excitable, things are either very good or the worst ever. Some people are emotional eaters, so the more you’re on the emotional rollercoaster the more likely you are to reach for food. The more excited you are in general, the more likely you are to take action, and eating is an action, researchers say. Learn to recognize your own ups and downs and try to take action in healthier ways, like calling a friend or sweating your stress away with a workout.

If you’re quiet: People who prefer curling up with a book over a night out at the bar may have a leg up on weight loss. Introverts may have a more thoughtful, less impulsive style that enables them to consider their choices more rationally, specialists say. Introverts are more likely to possess qualities that enable them to commit to a healthy diet and regular exercise routine, both of which require restraint, difficult for more impulsive people, she says. Extroverts should plan ahead for situations that test willpower. If you know you’re headed to a party, for instance, eat a healthy snack beforehand so you’ll be less likely to scarf down junk.

If you’re the life of the party: Outgoing people tend to allow stress to accumulate to the point that’s known as “amygdala hijack,” according to researchers. This is where we utilize the more basic, primitive part of our brain versus our more human pre-frontal cortex. The latter allows us to consider our longer-term goals and make healthier choices, says Hanna. This pleasure based eating has been shown to trigger an addictive response that often leads to overeating high-calorie, high-fat comfort foods. If you enjoy being the center of attention, try putting yourself in social situations that don’t involve food.

If you’re often hard on yourself: People who lack self-compassion have a huge negative reaction every time they make a mistake. Those high in self-compassion simply move on and vow to not make the same mistake again. If you’re hard on yourself, you’re more likely to continue overeating after you’re slipped up, since realizing you’ve overeaten leads to feelings of hopelessness. If you’re not self-compassionate by nature, you need to work on forgiving yourself!

If you’re a night owl: Staying up until the wee hours may wreak havoc with your waistline. Researchers found that people who were kept up until 4 a.m. ate 550 additional calories during their late night hours. What’s more, a higher percentage of the late-night calories came from high-fat foods than they did during daytime hours.

If you’re an early bird: In a recent study, participants who woke up early were less likely to be overweight than night owls-even though both groups slept the same number of hours. Although this study involved young children, the results are likely applicable to adults as well. If you love to sleep in, you may not be getting enough sleep, in which case you need to go to bed earlier to increase your total sleep time. Doctors recommend adults strive for seven to nine hours of sleep per night.

If you’re self-centered: Being a little stuck on yourself may not be such a bad thing when trying to lose weight. Self-centered people tend to consider their own interests, which could lead them to better conserve their energy and have more willpower to make healthy choices. People-pleasers, on the other hand, may get overly stressed about helping everyone else and find themselves depleted at the end of the day. This often triggers poor food choices. Instead, practice being more “selfish” in asking for what you want and sticking to it without feeling guilty. Meet friends after your workout instead of canceling your exercise plans, or ask them to join you.

If you’re easygoing: People who go with the flow tend to be leaner than those who are more neurotic, according to a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. In some cases, however, this may backfire. Highly agreeable people may stress over failure because they’re afraid of letting other people down. This stress can actually get in the way of successful weight loss, because stress makes it harder to resist temptation.

8 Myths That Kill Relationships

When you think relationships should be a certain way, and yours isn’t, frustration sets in. And “frustration is the number one thing that eats away at a relationships.
Here are 8 myths you need to do away with to prevent your relationship from going down a dark tunnel. 1. Myth: A good relationship means that you don’t have to work at it.

Fact: “The strongest most enduring relationships take lots of hard work. Another bad sign is if you’re trying hard to make improvements and changes, but you don’t see the same level of effort on your partner’s part. On the flip side, if both of you are trying and you can see positive changes being made at least some of the time, then that’s a good sign.

2. Myth: If partners really love each other, they know each other’s needs and feelings.

Fact: “It’s a setup to expect your partner to be able to read your mind,” because when you anticipate that your partner will know your wants, that’s essentially what you’re doing. We develop this expectation as kids, but “as adults, we’re always responsible for communicating our feelings and needs. And once you’ve communicated your needs and feelings, “a better measure of the quality of your relationship” is whether your partner actually listens to your words.

3. Myth: If you’re truly in love, passion will never fade.

Fact: Thanks to movies and romantic novels, we assume that if we genuinely love someone, “the passion, urging and loving” never go away. And if they do disappear, then “it must not be the right relationship” or “our relationship [must be] in trouble,” However, passion naturally diminishes in all relationships. As their responsibilities grow and roles expand, couples have less and less time and energy for each other. But with a little planning and playfulness, you can boost passion, couples can do new things together to perk things up, ask yourselves: “How do we tame our lives sufficiently that we can make time for each other and have energy left for each other?”

4. Myth: Having a child will strengthen your relationship or marriage.

Fact: Studies have shown that in some relationships happiness actually decreases with every child. This doesn’t mean that you start loving each other less or that you won’t bond at all over your child, but the mounting challenges can complicate relationships. Having realistic expectations helps couples prepare themselves for their new roles. When you think that a child will improve your relationship, it only adds to the complications.

5. Myth: Jealousy is a sign of true love and caring.

Fact: Jealousy is more about how secure and confident you are with yourself and your relationship (or the lack thereof), she said. Take the following example: If you have a jealous partner, you might try to show them how much you care so they don’t get jealous. But you soon realize that any amount of caring isn’t a cure for their jealous reactions.

While you can be supportive, your partner must work on their insecurity issues on their own. “No matter what you do, you can’t make your partner feel more secure” or “change their self-confidence.”

6. Myth: Fights ruin relationships.

Fact: In actuality, what ruins relationships is not resolving your fights, Blum said. “Fights can be really healthy, and an important form of communication and clearing the air.”

Also, the type of fight a couple has plays a role. Not surprisingly, nasty, scornful or condescending fights that leave couples resolution-less and not talking for days damage the relationship. Productive conflicts that help the relationship end with “some mutual decision about how to manage this disagreement.

7. Myth: In order for the relationship to be successful, the other partner must change.

Fact: Many times we’re very good at the blame game and not so good at pondering how we can become better partners. Instead, we demand that our partners make such and such changes. Unless, there are extreme circumstances like abuse or chronic infidelity, it takes two to make changes.

8. Myth: Couples therapy means your relationship is really in trouble.
Fact: By the time couples seek therapy, this may be true, but changing this mindset is key. Most couples seek therapy “when they’ve been suffering for a really long time. So therefore, people should view therapy as preventive, meaning you should go for therapy at the early stages of light issues not when you’ve been stuck in conflicts for over 10 years.

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Good Black Brothers Need Good Black Sisters

I was in a conversation with some young political activists some months ago. After talking about our political dissonances, we gradually shifted to a different topic. We were all blacks, so, it makes sense that we transitioned to issues that affects the black population. A lady was sharing passionately on why black men needed to step up and learn to treat their women right. She was so passionate that you could sense she was speaking from a personal experience. I listened and was eager to share my views. This is not a new topic that I have been involved in but there was so much in her conversation that I could not get it out of my mind.

The conversation went on to talk about how black women are at the bottom of the social strata. Most black women are educated and smart but usually struggle to find a mate that matches up to that standard that most successful black women have. With a curious mind, I began to think of intelligent black women I know who are still single.

In my opinion, I do not see being single as a bad thing or disease. Being single does not make you less of a human being. I also believe that that there are people who can be happily single if they choose to. On that note, I gently contributed. Even though black women cannot find partners, I mentioned that black men in United States are also at the bottom of the economic strata. I also could not stop thinking of black men who are struggling to get jobs. I am not even talking about those with only high school degrees; it also include friends who are highly educated.

I noticed how many black women around me easily progress in their career path but most of the men are behind and struggling. I do not have a definite answer to the imbalance because there are so many reasons involved. It is a great thing to have a professional degree; but I have come to a conclusion that not everyone would have one. Not everyone would become a doctor, lawyer, engineer or a social worker. Some people have to go a different path. The sad aspect is that you would struggle to move up in the economic ladder if you do not have professional degree. Black men struggle with a lot of stigma and very little network to build their reputation.

In the world today, networking is huge. You need to know how to get what you want and where you need to go. Most Nigerians in America I know, are mostly in social work if they are not professionals. There are many fields to launch into than being a social worker. But the pool of network is very small outside this circle. I also noticed how black people are hesitant to help the young black men. This is a sad truth. The world demands creativity and it is important for individuals to become creative in any way possible. In a very complex world, it is also important to be flexible and adaptable to change. The only thing is that most black men have weak networks for them to be innovative. I can think of white peers who were behind academically but have gradually progressed in their career path than some black men who performed better. Their parents and friends have done most of the work for them. They all join these networks that would benefit them.

We, being Nigerian-Americans. Our parents lived for survival, so there is very little to build on. Only if your dad is Dangote, Bishop Oyedepo or Adebayo Ogunlesi, then you have no worries. Most organisations our parents probably belong to is more social than adding any value to their children. These organisations are more of “Owambe” than focused a providing
economic development for their children. In United States, those with strong communities have been able to produce successful people. I am always talking to the Italian-Americans, Chinese-Americans, Indian-Americans and especially to Jewish-
Americans on how they have left a lasting legacy in America. Most black men would have to go beyond the black community to ascend in their career path. There is a very small pool of people that you can actually find to mentor you in your career path.

Being the first in my family to go into law school was also challenging. I remember just trying to network with other Nigerian men who were lawyers but it was not successful. It takes a while to find genuine men who are interested in building other men. It is so easy to find black women empowerment network but black men are just lost, striving to survive and make it on their own. Probably that would explain why some men become demanding and expect so much from their partners. Since our women have been able to move a lot
quicker in the economic ladder than most black men do, I could not stop thinking of the significance for the brothers to start networking with the black women network.

Furthermore; strong families produce strong children. If black men can humble themselves and realize that there are more odds against them. They have very little and weak networks. Most black men have to deal stereotypes. Most people feel threatened by black men. Black women are always easier to reach out to than black men. Not all of us want to become an
entertainers (where most black men have mainly progressed). Black women are usually more skilled and with vast network. The larger population in United States are usually more comfortable with black women in leadership than black men. That is why I believe that a stronger family would make a
progressive race of people. A stronger family involves genuine commitment and faithfulness from both husband and wife.

It is important not to assume that marriage will change your life drastically but it is important for married couples to realize that they belong to the same team. To be a team means you are working towards a common vision and both of you will do anything to support each other. As a single guy and also black, you sometimes had to break a perception and stereotype of being perceived as lazy and indisciplined. People respect you more when you are able to keep your marriage. In America, it always reflect the strength and character, when they a black man has a stable family. Black males with supportive wives are more likely to progress very quickly than the young single ambitious guy who is still trying to find stability.

We also need our women to dismiss the fantasy of having Mr. “Bankole.” Mr. “Bankole” is my metaphor for a man who is very successful and ready for marriage. The sad part is Mr. “Bankole’s” have become very few. In a cultural context, many things have changed for men. Men used to be the sole bread winner but the change in culture have also demanded women to also become financially responsible. In America, the black men are at the bottom of the economic strata. It has become a system that has kept them there. There are many reasons to this situation. Family structure, poor lifestyle choices etc. But most educated black men also had to suffer and endure before they find stability. The unemployment rate is higher within the black male than the average population. From my understanding, once you are unemployed for more than nine months, your skill sets would have to be refined.

Many black males are not sure of their place in the society. If they are not emotionally and mentally firm, they would end up in a destructive lifestyle. This destructive lifestyle also becomes a cycle. It also affects Nigerian-Americans too. Most Nigerians already have a standard inculcated into us of what a man and woman is meant to be like. This expectation would exempt a large population of black men in America. Finding the modern Mr. “Bankole” would mostly be based on a woman’s ability to discern a man who is a prospect. The one who is working hard and making attempt to be where He needs to be. He might not have the nicest car or even have a car yet. He might not be the most clean-cut guy. His life might be too busy trying to find his path. Men are also very unpredictable. The guy that looks like “Jonah” today, might become the Mr. “Bankole” tomorrow. A good man just needs a little hand. The presence of good woman in a man’s life should never be underestimated.

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7 Things Men Worry About As Much As Women Do

There are plenty of things men worry about as much as women do, even though sometimes women don’t realize it. We’re all human, so we all have the same set of worries. Here are a few things men worry about that we can all relate to.

One of the biggest things men worry about is how their hair and clothes make them come across. Everyone wants to look attractive. He might not spend hours in front of the mirror, like girls do, but he really cares about his appearance and the way he looks.

Men care whether women find them attractive or not. They worry about getting rejected, and they get first date jitters. If they’re in a relationship, they worry about whether their partner is happy or looking to leave. Men, women… nobody wants to be broken up with or cheated on.

Since so much of the week is spent at work, it’s natural for him to be worried about his job. There are deadlines to meet and managers to please. Even if things at work are going well, he’ll worry about the number on his paycheck. Does he have enough to make it through the week? He has to find a way to budget his money, while still splurging on the finer things in life.

What kind of car does he drive? Does he share an apartment or have his own place? Everything from the type of phone they have to the brand of sneakers they wear can be scrutinised by others. They want to have the best of everything, because they feel like they’ll be judged if they don’t.

Women aren’t the only ones that the media portrays unfairly. Men are expected to work out in order to be in a good shape. They need muscles to prove how strong they are. If they don’t possess an athletic build, then they’re viewed as ‘unmanly.’ The way they feel they’re supposed to look is stressful for them, just like it is for girls.

Men care not only about their looks, they also wonder if they’re funny enough, if they’re smart enough, and if they’re tough enough. They don’t want to be ignored by fellow males or rejected by females. It’s natural to want to be liked.

Will he ever find the perfect woman to marry? Will he have children? Will he secure his dream job? Everyone hopes that there is success in their future. It’s impossible for him to know what’s on the road ahead of him, so he’s going to have doubts. It turns out that men are not that different from women. We’re all human, so we all have the same basic worries and feelings.

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Lifestyle- 10 Things You’re Doing Wrong Everyday

You probably feel like your daily routines are just fine, so it might surprise you to find out how much you’re actually doing wrong. Just because we’ve been doing something one way for as long as we can remember doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the best way. For just about every run-of-the-mill activity we do, there’s a life-hack out there proclaiming you can somehow do it better.

And if you had the chance to be the best of your friends at breathing or even sitting, why not at least give it a try? Go for the gold in washing your hands or taking out the garbage and you’ll be well on your way to a better you. Know these 10 things you’re doing wrong and then maybe you can finally start doing things RIGHT.

1. Breathing
You breathe about 17,000 times a day, but your technique might be flawed. Slower, deeper breathing that comes from the lower diaphragm (or even better the surrounding area of the diaphragm) can help you relieve stress, lower your blood pressure and improve athletic performance by increasing stamina and reducing fatigue. Most of us are chest breathers, but developing a more focused approach can help you feel better day to day, especially if you’re also exercising.

2. Showering If you’re shampooing more than a few times a week, you may be stripping away important oils in your hair called sebum – and actually making your hair greasier: As sebum is stripped away, it causes oil glands on your scalp to compensate by overproducing more sebum, giving your hair an oily consistency. You also may be taking way too long in the shower. Long hot showers dry out your skin, use quite a bit of water (around 17 gallons each time), and can remove too much”good bacteria.”

3. Working Out Stretching before exercising can actually be
counter-intuitive as it temporarily weakens muscles and might not even reduce soreness in the days following exercise. As for your actual workouts, spending time lifting lighter weights with more repetitions actually doesn’t have greater slimming benefits than lifting heavier weights, and a lot of exercise doesn’t have any slimming benefits at all. You also might want to rethink scheduling workouts every day.

4. Eating Making sure to eat breakfast probably doesn’t help
you lose weight. You also might be eating too much meat (especially if it’s red), and you probably don’t need to be told this, but fast food is bad for you. Also, no matter what you eat, eating it too fast may disrupt your body’s natural chemical signals, causing you to consume more than you should, which could lead to a greater risk of obesity.

5. The Opposite of Eating You should really be squatting instead of sitting in the toilet. If the idea of simply hovering doesn’t sound all too appealing, there are quite a few different ways to help you get in that squat position. Just make sure you’re not straining. Oh, and you’ve also probably been placing toilet seat covers on backwards. On top of all this, after you’re done, you really need to be closing that lid, as molecules from whatever is in the bowl will fly into the air, making your toothbrush disgusting.

6. Washing Your Hands Only a few people wash their hands correctly, so there’s a very good chance you’re doing this one wrong. Although the base definition of washing the right way means “rubbing vigorously with soap and water for at least 20 seconds,” there are even more things you’re probably doing wrong. Antibacterial soaps have been criticized over their use of the chemical “triclosan,” which may cause antibiotic resistance and potentially even hormone alteration. On top of this, there may actually be no advantage to using antibacterial soaps when it comes to reducing your chances of getting sick.

7. Sleeping A lot of people are not sleeping correctly and are at
risk of significantly altering their “memory, learning, creativity, productivity and emotional stability.” On top of this, there really is a sweet spot for how much sleep you should get. Anything outside of these regular sleep hours could have long-term health risks that have been associated with shortened lifespans. But it isn’t just sleep behavior that can help you get this right. Tips for improving your sleep include exercising, turning off your phone, or simply tricking your brain into thinking you’re dead tired.

8. Being Productive It’s actually impossible to multitask and those who come close are simply switching between tasks very quickly, which usually decreases focus. If you’re someone who likes to power through tasks, you should know that your willpower is actually a finite resource and that taking breaks could significantly boost your mental capacities to do work. Here’s another reminder to make sure you’re making time for sleep, because on top of helping ideas solidify in your head, it can also – surprise – make you more productive.

9. Shaving First off, shaving doesn’t cause hair to come back
thicker – that is a myth. On a shave-to-shave basis, you should really be making sure to prepare your skin with the right creams and heating techniques to make sure you aren’t totally wrecking your face, legs, armpits, etc. Also make sure to shave at night if you can, as the process leaves your skin ultra sensitive.

10. Brushing Your Teeth First off, you should never brush your teeth directly after having an acidic meal or drink, because that can push the acid deeper into your enamel. Instead, wait 30 minutes or simply rinse your mouth with water. Some basic tips: Brush for two minutes each time, using a soft brush and not rubbing your teeth and gums too hard.

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Nigerian Lady Shares Her True Life Experience Of Having Séx Severally With Her Blood Brother & Uncle!

A lot of us have slept with our brother/sister while growing up. For me, I was disvirgined at the age of 5 by my uncle. After that, I started sleeping with my brother cause of the urge and when my uncle left for secondary school, I slept with my brother till I was in SS1 (when I realised that what I was doing is wrong). Though then, my brother would still make moves trying to seduce me – for example he walks around the house with his manhood erect or saying words like “if you want us to do it I am ready”. He is now a séx addict and carries ashawo and gals around. I know it’s all my fault and don’t know how to help him. I also spoke to him that I know what I did is wrong but I have asked the Lord to forgive me and help my brother too.

This happens in homes mostly where the parents are not always around. I want to have kids too and I don’t want the same thing happening to them. Please help me prevent and control this. I know I am not the only child this is happening to, it was common in the 1980’s and 1990’s cos some parents use maids and relatives to take care of their kids and the “helpers” use the kids as sex experiment. Please don’t insult me or anyone because a lot of us may claim it didn’t happen to them since we are online.

But how can we prevent this generation from suffering the same thing?

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5 Reasons Why Every Nigerian Woman Should Own a S#x Toy!

I was 18 the first time I really discovered the power of getting myself off. Prior to that, I would adamantly report that “it’s not
my job” when friends and I would talk about it. That’s a saying you should never say at work and should certainly never be said in regards to your body. If it’s not your job, then whose job is it?! No one is going to know exactly what you like and teach it to you, that’s on you. If you haven’t been a regular practitioner of getting yourself off, the best way is by getting a sex toy or two.

And here are five reasons why:

1. Using a sex toy to get yourself off can first and foremost give you better knowledge and understanding of your body. You can’t begin to tell someone else what you like in bed if you aren’t sure yourself. Taking the time to really explore who you are and what you like is an investment that will give you a full return. With this knowledge, you can help ensure that you get off every time, or at least almost every time.
2. You know how your first workout after a break from the gym is extremely hard? Over time, working out becomes easier and easier, making you able to work out longer and the experience more enjoyable. The same applies for your orgasm. The more orgasms you give yourself, the easier it will be to achieve them with yourself and others. Spend some more time with yourself if you’re someone who needs a lot of time to get there. You eventually find that it takes less time, less effort and can even last longer and be more enjoyable.
3. A lot of us have probably had a time in our life when we went out and made a few decisions after a break-up or a major life change that we later regretted. I let it happen when I was younger, but now when the single fever latches on, I head to my top drawer instead. Instead of suffering through a dozen bad
OKCupid dates, take care of yourself! It’s much easier, less messy and requires a lot less effort.
4. Have you heard that saying “use it or lose it”? Well, it kind of patterns to your libido. Do you find that the less you have sex, the less you want it? Maybe not in the initial absence, but after
awhile, especially if you’re coupled up, you might suddenly find yourself indifferent about it. Suddenly, TV sounds better than sex! It’s something you never thought you would think, but here you are in your sweatpants and watching crime dramas instead of getting it on. The easiest way to bring your libido back is to jump start it. Make an effort to get yourself off, even when you’re the least bit turned on. Eventually you’ll find that your libido has returned.
5. And finally, getting yourself off is a great way to relieve a headache, reduce stress, lower pain levels, make sleeping easier and even burn a few extra calories. So next time you’re not feeling so hot, skip the nap and go for your favourite vibrator. You’ll find that the endorphins you release during orgasm will instantly make you feel better.

If this ain’t enough reasons to show yourself a little love, do it because it’s fun! Make 2014 the year that you get off often!
Written by Victoria Beth

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Drake, ‘Nothing Was the Same’ album review + Free Download Link

Drake, ‘Nothing Was the Same’ album review:”Nothing Was The Same” finds Drake showcasing new skills–trimming the unnecessary songs, and focusing on narrative details.

Sadness has been a booming business for Drake Between his breakout mixtape So Far Gone and his Grammy-winning album Take Care, the Toronto native’s innate ability to embrace his emotive side—and pen catchy, quotable pop raps—have earned him critical acclaim, millions of records sold, and a spot
among Rap’s elite in a relatively short amount of time. After a steady buildup through 2013, Drake returns with Nothing Was The Same, a record that tempers his usual dysphoria with some appreciation for where it’s taken him.

Drake continues attempts to balance pre-fame
normalcy with the perks from his hard work, but on Nothing Was The Same, he finds more closure while revisiting deteriorated relationships. Personal pitfalls and braggadocio are only bars away from each other, with equal candor and without as much bottom-dwelling. “Tuscan Leather” takes a four-bar break from six minutes of boasts to note a fallout with YMCMB cohort Nicki Minaj, and “Furthest Thing” apologizes for the negligence of an ex before concluding with an exultant, soul-sample production by Jake One. Elsewhere, Drake points out how his loved ones’ transgressions can be just as harmful as his. “Connect” narrates his submission to a toxic relationship. Some of the finest moments on Nothing Was The Same come when he puts more focus into story-telling or sharing his perspective instead of placing the blame on one person or another. “Too Much” sadly recounts relatives distancing themselves from him and worries about them lowering expectations for their own lives. On “From Time,” he questions a lack of substantial relationships while sipping brews and rolling up with his father, pondering words of wisdom from his mother, and sharing memories with an ex, who is portrayed by an empathic Jhene Aiko.

With less guilt tripping, Drake dedicates time to enjoying the perks of his success without as heavy of a heart. “Started From The Bottom” and “Worst Behaviour” use anthem choruses and punchline-laden verses to revel in victories despite humble beginnings and naysayers, while “The Language” reuses the precise staccato flow from Drizzy’s verse on Migos’ “Versace” to stunt on competition. “305 To My City” admires the hustle of a stripper, while “Wu Tang Forever” shows a pair of BDSM relationships Drake has with a woman and with the music industry. Album closer “Pound Cake/Paris Morton Music 2” sees Drake trading stunt raps with Jay Z before a final verse that enjoys his accomplishments and accepts the terms that come with it.

For an artist with the most number one songs on the Billboard Rap/R&B charts, Nothing Was The Same is notably lacking such obvious hits. Early leaks of “Started From The Bottom” and the bonus track “All Me” took from their momentum, especially without much back up support. But there’s also less fat in general: throughout the album’s lean, cohesive set of
13 tracks, Drake packs multiple emotions into
individual songs instead of adding on extra items. This approach would’ve made Take Care an even stronger effort. Also, 40’s subdued, murky sound beds that dictated the direction of Take Care aren’t as dominant; songs like “From Time” satisfy that itch, but cleaner, more buoyant productions like “Tuscan Leather,” “Worst Behaviour,” and the R&B and house-infused “Hold On I’m Going Home” have an equal say. The primary flaws on Nothing Was The Same are in individual corny lines: “Your mama used to live in the church on Sunday / You just go to LIV after church on Sunday / Oh Lord, we’re not in Kansas anymore,” he coos on “305 To My City.” And on “Connect,” he says the cringe-worthy line, “I remember my schedule was a flexible as she is.” Expanding his subject matter next time around would be a smart move, before it gets stale. But Nothing Was The Same showcases new skill trimming the unnecessary songs, and focusing on narrative details the way he does on “From Time”—that will strengthen Drake’s arsenal and help him continue to cement his status as a pop-rap heavyweight for years to come.


DOWNLOAD link —-> http://

1. Tuscan Leather
2. Furthest Thing
3. Started From The Bottom
4. Wu-Tang Forever
5. Own It
6. Worst Behavior
7. From Time
8. Hold On, We’re Going Home
9. Connect
10. The Language
11. 305 To My City (f/ Detail)
12. Too Much
13. Pound Cake (f/ Jay Z)
14. Come Thru
15. All Me (f/ Big Sean & 2 Chainz)

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Drake Hoping To Never Release “A Straight Rap Album”

For fans of Canadian singer/rapper Drake, the Young Money artist expressed his openness to those who plan on being fans of his music for their entire life, but only if they’re open to the rapper’s many musical sides. As an artist who can be found both crooning and dropping bars on his projects, the Take Care creator doesn’t plan on changing that particular aspect of his artistry anytime soon.

While speaking with MTV News, Drake revealed that he’ll never release “a straight rap album” since he didn’t come into music solely as a Hip Hop artist. He also expressed his desire to become a modern-day Marvin Gaye.

“If you wanna listen to Drake music for the rest of your life I welcome it. I want you to listen to it. I want you to be a part of it, but just don’t ever be surprised like when I’m singing or using melody. I’m doing that on this album. This album is not some straight rap album. I’ll never do a straight rap album,” Drake revealed. “That’s not how I came into this. And that’s never what I’ll do. I make songs for people. I have aspirations to be Marvin Gaye in the back of my head. So, I just want to sing the world’s triumphs and problems on one record. And hopefully, Nothing Was The Same is like the soundtrack to their life.”

With close to two years between the release of Drake’s Take Care and the September 24 release of his upcoming album, Nothing Was The Same, the Young Money wordsmith says in that time he’s learned to make music that’s both “more concise” and “more clear.”

“I think the music that I’m making is more concise, more clear. I’ve been able to get my thoughts across a lot better on this album. Take Care is a great album, but I listen to it and realize where I could do better and I think I’ve done better on this album,” said Drake.

Set for release later this month, Nothing Was The Same will serve as Drake’s third studio album. The project will boast appearances from Jay Z, Lil Wayne, and Jhene Aiko

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Lil wayne – A little review of Dedication 5(mixtape)Lil Wayne – Dedication 5 (Mixtape Review) DX Consensus: “EP-Worthy”

Lil Wayne – Dedication 5 (Mixtape Review) DX Consensus: “EP-Worthy”

In the “How Dedicated” intro to Dedication 5, Lil Wayne said that the Dedication mixtape series has meant the same thing that it always has, but many of the Rap legend’s devotees would disagree. In the first two DJ Drama-helmed projects from 2005 and 2006, a hungry Weezy revolutionized the mixtape game and took his strongest strides into superstardom before beginning his reign as the biggest rapper in the world. But the last two installments exemplify fans’ problem with Wayne since then: an assumed complacency with his fame.

Less than two weeks before D5’s release, Wayne tweeted an apology to his fans for not being nominated for any Video Music Awards or BET Awards, with a promise to work harder “if it kills (him).” On the fifth volume of The Dedication, Wayne shows the competitiveness that fueled his ascension, and the bad habits that took him down a few notches.

On glimpses throughout the tape, Wayne revisits what made the original Dedication series so effective: album quality original songs and creative reinventions of radio hits, showcasing his jazz-tinged delivery and wit. The highlights here easily outdo Dedication 3 and Dedication 4. He lends a variety of flows to Kendrick Lamar’s “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” on “Don’t Kill,” and he fearlessly attacks Wu-Tang Clan’s “C.R.E.A.M.” to deliver one of his most enjoyable performances of the past few years. Thankfully, the visibility of a Lil Wayne Dedication mixtape is still valuable, so most of the cameos on D5 are done with that in mind. Chicago youngster Chance The Rapper contributes his unique vocals to “You Song,” Vado bodies Meek Mill’s “Levels,” and “America’s Most Wanted” tour mate T.I. delivers a trio of strong 16s to the tape. New Young Money signee Euro also shows promise on several songs.

Still, much of Dedication 5 detracts from the series’ legacy. With a 29-song track list—which may also be a factor in Wayne’s renewed hunger—some of that negative ratio is a matter of volume. On “Started” and “New Slaves,” Wayne is mimicking the original songs’ flows more than tackling them in a new way. Weak lines like, “had a phone in jail, that’s a cell phone” and “I’ll have people looking for you, like a reason” show Wayne’s regression. The highlights are enjoyable, but too many songs fade into the background, making it a chore to find D5’s gems.

Outside of Wayne’s rhymes, Dedication 5 also falls out of line with the Dedication series for other reasons. Many of the industry beats Wayne tackles aren’t the actual beats, but redone versions of them. The approach was likely done to avoid clearance issues, but it makes the tape feel a bit incomplete compared to its predecessors. Plus, despite DJ Drama’s name on the cover, his adlibs and narration are notably minimized. Some fans will enjoy the smaller amount of DJ hosting, but a long-winded project like this could use Drama’s energy—especially considering the legacy of the Dedication series.

To Wayne’s credit, Dedication 5 is the best the series has showcased since its legendary sequel from seven years ago, even if it pales in comparison. Occasionally, the YMCMB head honcho shows that he still has a portion of the skills that earned him his spot among rap’s elite. If he can find recapture the consistency from that same era, he won’t have to apologize to his fans for much longer.

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I am sorry this is coming Late, I just felt I badly needed to do a Review of Wale’s Latest project. Originally, June 25th was scheduled to be the major release date in June. With Wale, J. Cole, Mac Miller and Fabolous all scheduled to drop products in retail on that day, Hip Hop fans felt they had a lot to look forward to. However, when a popular Chicago rapper/producer decided to drop his project on June 18, lots of things changed. Fab pushed his album back, and J. Cole pushed his album forward, meaning the huge multi-release date in June would arrive one week earlier. Wale stuck to his date, insisting his fans knew the date, and would show up to their favorite physical or online retailer for The Gifted. Those who were patient enough to wait for the release will be rewarded, as The Gifted—while not perfect—is a solid overall project. “New Black Soul” has been Wale’s mantra in the lead up to the release of The Gifted, and overall, the project definitely has a soulful sound. Wale says that each of the tracks off The Gifted are inspired by his own inspirations, and the leadoff single, “LoveHate Thing” featuring Roc Nation crooner Sam Dew, features a Marvin Gaye sample to fit the “New Black Soul” vibe of the album. While the album definitely leans towards a Soul sound, long-time Wale fans will be happy to hear the DC emcee’s Go-Go influence also presents itself. “Clappers” featuring Juicy J, and what seems to be an extremely short and underwhelming Nicki Minaj feature, samples EU’s “Da Butt.” The track has a high energy club vibe to it, and serves as a decent intermission to the seriousness found on the majority of the album.

Those looking for substance in Hip Hop need look no further than tracks like “Gullible” or “Golden Salvation (Jesus Piece).”While the subject of Jesus pieces has definitely been covered excessively in Hip Hop as of late, Wale’s lyrics separate his effort from the other recently released, similar tracks. Wale raps, “Don’t bow your head for grace, though I’m keeping you graceful / Brothers was born to cheat, though question who faithful / Fast for me, nope, Blasphemy though / Rap to it, so racks up, to match up with me froze / How can a diamond supersede my wisdom? / I seen a reverend with five of me as he read his scripture…” He comes back in the second verse with “Sierra Leone Diamonds, LA to New York got ‘em / If nobody’s stores got me, some probably wouldn’t know. about me / All over paparazzi, shout out to Murakami / See they commercialize me, I’m sure there’ll be more robberies…”

The highlight of The Gifted would have to either be the tracks Wale chooses to officially close the album out with, “Black Heroes”, or “88.”But herein lies a problem with Wale that he hasn’t seem to fix throughout his career. “Black Heroes” has a powerful vibe to it, with lines that will definitely persuade you to run the track back a couple times. The same can be said for “88”,however, those who aren’t as up on sports, or sneaker culture for that matter, may find themselves lost on “88” or simply pretending to understand. Essentially, “88” could be one of the best offerings off the album to some, and to others, a decent song with a strong Just Blaze instrumental.

Overall, The Gifted is a good album. Wale presents substance without being overly preachy, and still takes it back to the Go-Go for those who have been following him since Paint A Picture. While not without its flaws (the “Bad” remix was unnecessary, and probably done simply for the big name feature), those questioning the direction Wale was going post MMG affiliation will more than likely be pleased with The Gifted.

—–SlausonBoi 2uti Rates Album 7/10
Download link coming soon. Watch this page

Jay-Z’s ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’: Album Review + DownLoad link

When Jay-Z first mentioned Pablo Picasso, he was setting high standards for fellow lyricists. “You draw? Better be Picasso,” he rapped in “Friend or Foe,” off his 1996 debut Reasonable Doubt. Since then, Jay-Z’s standards have changed. In his new album Magna Carta Holy Grail (out for retail release on July 9), the Forbes cover star treats the Cubist painter like a brand name. “I just want a Picasso, in my casa / no, my castle,” he raps in, yes, “Picasso Baby.”

Jay-Z let this exact lyric slip into the album’s first
trailer, where he announced his landmark deal with Samsung and sat among producers who
helped build Jay-Z, The Brand: Pharrell, Timbaland, Swizz Beatz. As he had emphasised to Rick Rubin, MAGNA CARTA tries to show how a Picasso isn’t enough, not if Hov wants to be happy. Instead, while it delivers confident hits, the album as a whole feels unsubstantial — especially for the author of Decoded.

On Magna Carta, Jay-Z compares his castle walls
to art museums, but tends to concern himself
with everyone else. He sounds most satisfied
when he bullies everyone else on radio right now, like the molly-littered rap landscape in the springy “TOM FORD” and MILEY CYRUS in the tooting seventh track “SomewhereInAmerica(“Twerk, Miley, twerk,” he wryly instructs, adding, “Only in America.”) The longer he busies himself with everyone else, though, the more he resorts to obnoxious, if not clunky, taunting — like in “La Familia”: “Tell these n—-s to pull they skirts down, I can see their ovaries.”

Lyrics like these tend to overshadow Jay-Z’s humbled moments, such as when he recites Nirvana and R.E.M. lyrics to question the payoffs of fame, religion and his own record-setting career. Hov also draws deft lyrical connections from slave ships to yachts ( “Oceans,” assisted by FRANK OCEAN) and street corner to corner office (“F.U.T.W.”), but he can’t let these songs breathe on Magna Carta. He’s more obsessed with receiving his due — “You take the clothes off my back, and I let you,” Justin Timberlake belts in opener “Holy Grail” — and this lyrical fixation, the telling without showing, turns Magna Carta into a drag.

As Decoded shows — and as Jay-Z seemed to say when he released lyrics to MAGNA CARTA prior to the album’s release — reading along to Hov’s words can help reveal hidden meanings that can slip by during his matter-of-fact performances. Some will say some tracks are disappointing because they don’t require closer listens or rewinds, especially given the unprecedented nature of its release. In his attempts to spell out everything (see “I had luggage, meaning I had baggage,” in “Heaven,” for instance) he fails to meet the standards he set long ago: “You draw? Better be Picasso.”

—-SlausonBoi scores album 8.5/10

SlausonBoi 2uti is JAY Z’s Biggest Fan and so I’ve decided to provide my readers a Free link to the Full album though the official release date is on the 9th of July.

Download JAY Z’s MAGNA CARTA HOLY GRAIL ALBUM via this link and rate it. If you are unable to click on the download link, copy and paste on browser

Photos: World’s Biggest Building Opens In China

The world’s largest building has opened in China capable of fitting 20 Sydney Opera Houses – or three Pentagons – inside. The New Century Global Center in Chengdu, Sichuan province, is a staggering 19million sq.ft. and contains shopping centres, a Mediterranean village, a water park, an ice-skating rink, and multiple hotels. However, visitors to the glass panelled building need not. worry about the weather as the giant complex will have its own artificial sun.Wow, this place is worth visiting. The building is 500 metres long, 400 metres wide and 100 metres high, reports said. According to Chinese officials, the New Century Global Center is the largest freestanding building in the world, and took three years to complete. ‘This is an ocean city built by man,’ Chinese guide Liu Xun told AFP.

He added that the artificial sun built inside the building will provide light and heat 24 hours a day for shoppers exploring the around 400,000 sq. metres of boutiques and stores. The building sits directly opposite the Chengdu Contemporary Arts Centre, designed by British-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, at the heart of a booming area of

Meet Lisa Sparks: Woman With The Record of Sleeping With 919 Men in 24Hrs(see photo)

The World Record of most partnérs in a day is held by an American lady Lisa Spárks.

She sharéd béd with 919 mén in less than 24 hours….

This amazing World Record was accomplished on October 16, 2004 in Warsaw, Poland during the Third Annual World G.B Championship. The competition was between Lisa Spárks and two other womén. One of them was the previous record-holder, who smashéd only 759 mén in a day.In addition to referees, six cameras were used to carefully record the event!

Rapper Turned Singer T-Pain, Says He’s Not Going To Try Buying A Gift For North

Auto-tune specialist T-Pain  has strangely come out of the blue to say there is now way he is getting a gift for the newest

Hollywood baby – North West. T-Pain’s reason for this is as honest as anybody can get, he says;

“Kanye is much richer than me so I’m not even going to try [getting him and Kim Kardashian a gift],” T-Pain admitted to Us Weekly. “Kanye has no couth when it comes to things like that, so when you bring him something, he’d be like, ‘What the f–k is this?’”

“You don’t want to be that person because he’ll make a big scene about that,” he explained.

 “You don’t want that.”Good music CEO Kanye West and fiancee Kim Kardashian welcomed their baby North on the 15th of June,  strangely five weeks ahead of her expected July due date.

EXPOSED: Davido Slept With Married Mother Of Three Kids In Italy 

The excitément and thrill of hanging out with a celebrity has driven a married woman and a mother of three, Joyce Osifo into the hands of the known David Adedeji Adeleke popularly known as Davido on the 16th of June during a concert in Napel. Presently, Davido is on euro tour and according to NCN source, Davido knew Joyce through her brother who opened stage before him.

Davido came on stage late in the morning, 17th of June, sang few songs and left.

Meanwhile sources revealed that the Omo oba was in his 

hotel rocking his time with the mother of three who is desperate to come to the limelight through her upcoming show “Miss Black Beauty Italy”. Joyce has three children within the age range of 10, 8 and 6 and she is said to be married.

Most Nigerians girls who are married to white men are said to be sléeping around with young black men and sometimes pay them to get laid. Since this is the known tradition, Joyce Osifo added this to her zeal to be out and maybe get Davido to assist in the sponsorship of her event.

Let us talk below jor. Joyce is beautiful and there is no way Davido could remove his eyes from her. What was Davido thinking or the mother of three? Just wondering why Davido posted on his istagram that ITALY WAS CRAZY.

What really made it crazy?

Is Davido helping Joyce with his upcoming event or a promise to….??

We Bet You Didn’t Know This: Most interesting posts about the world. From illegal chewing gum in Singapore to the adoption of full-grown men in Japan, you’re bound to learn something

There are countless new things for us to learn every day. We’ve collected and compiled some of the most interesting posts about the world. From illegal chewing gum in Singapore to the adoption of full-grown men in Japan, you’re bound to learn something, too. We promise.

1. Ethiopian girl was kidnapped and beaten until a pride of lions chased her attackers off, then the lions stayed and defended her until help could arrive.

Who says dogs are more loyal than cats? In Ethiopia, a group of men chased and beat a 12-year-old girl, trying to force her into marriage. But a group of lions scared the men off and then stayed by the girl’s side until her family found her a few days later. Experts say the girl’s crying may have sounded to the lions like the meow of a young cub. But locals say it’s a miracle as the lions are often considered a serious threat to locals.

2. Buying or selling chewing gum is illegal in Singapore.

If you’re in Singapore hoping to buy some chewing gum after your coffee or lunch break, you’re out of luck. The sale of chewing gum is forbidden in the country. The only reason gum can be imported is if it’s for export elsewhere. This law came to be after officials apparently noticed copious amounts of discarded gum on sidewalks and streets. If you’ve got gum, you can chew it, but be discreet. If you’re not spitting it out in a trash can, beware: great fines will apply.

3. Chad and Romania have identical flags, as do Indonesia and Monaco.

Citizens in Chad and Romania may face a national identity crisis when they realize their flags are exactly the same. It’s true; each features a blue, yellow and red stripe, running from left to right. Those in Indonesia and Monaco are in the same position. Their flags are also identical, with a red half on top of a white half. But honestly with 196 countries in the world, there are only so many color and pattern combinations left to choose from.

4. 90% of all adoptions in Japan are adult adoptions, mostly men in their 20-30s.

Forget cute babies. Why go through all of the hassle of raising a child when you can just adopt the end product – a well-adjusted man in his 20s or 30s? In Japan, that’s precisely what’s happening with 90 percent of adoptions. Why? Families are adopting full-grown men to ensure heirs to their companies if they lack a son of their own or don’t trust him to carry on the business.

5. Korea’s demilitarized zone is one of the world’s most abundant and well-preserved natural reserves.

If there’s any group that thrives on conflict between North and South Korea, it’s the wildlife. A de facto nature reserve has grown in the de-militarized zone between the two nations, and either war or peace could disrupt that balance, experts say. The zone houses several rare species native to the region, including rodents, birds and deer. War would obviously devastate the region, but peace would also mean the taking-over of invaluable wetlands, proving equally damning to the animals there.

6. Every house in Bermuda produces its own water supply by using rain-catching roofs.

No need for a Brita filters in Bermuda. Houses there have their own water supply via a rain collection apparatus on the roof that sends the water through a filtration system, rendering it drinkable. The regulations for this kind of water conservation even exists in their Public Health Regulations.

7. Between Egypt and Sudan, there is a strip of land that neither country will claim. It is one of the few unclaimed regions on earth.

There’s a strip of unclaimed land between Egypt and Sudan. In reality, the two just can’t seem to agree on whose border is whose.

8. Bahrain’s government banned Google Earth because it allowed Bahraini citizens to see discrepancies between rich and poor areas.

Did Google Earth cause the uprising in Bahrain? When Bahrain gained access to Google Earth in 2006, citizens could for the first time see the huge discrepancy between the ultra-rich and the majority of the population, via massive mansions on expansive compounds, next to the slums of normal citizens. The government tried to block access almost immediately, but it was too late. As the article puts it, “The people had seen the inequality.”

9. When Fiat discovered a Google’s street view car was mapping Sodertalje, Sweden, they sent a Fiat to tail it for 30 miles to prank Volkswagen’s headquarters.

Fiat is taking competition to a whole new level in Sweden. When a Google Street Views car was noticed in Sodertalje, Sweden, Fiat tailed the car for 30 miles so the car could be parked in front of the Volkswagen headquarters just before the Google photo was taken. They say any press is good press, except, in this case, maybe for Volkswagen, which will indefinitely be on Google Earth with a Fiat out front.

10. Italian banks accept parmesan cheese as collateral for loans.

Most people love a good parmesan cheese, but in Italy, it’s quite literally worth its weight in gold. An Italian bank accepts Parmigiano Reggiano as collateral in place of money, and they even have a vault dedicated to the cheese. It’s no joke; the cheese vault is so valuable it’s been robbed three times. The reasoning for this transaction is that cheese takes several years to mature, but the cheese producers need money in the meantime. So they put their cheese on lay away, are given a cheap loan, and then get the cheese back when it’s ready and pay the bank back. If they can’t pay, then the bank has the cheese to sell.

11. The Netherlands is planning to construct glow-in-the-dark roads.

It’s going to help highlight road features in the Netherlands, like the white lines marking lanes. A special paint has been designed for the roads that will remain illuminated for up to 10 hours after night falls. Special weather features like snowflakes will also be painted onto the road, and when the temperature falls below a certain point, those features will illuminate. Planners are hoping that this paint will help improve road safety and awareness of weather conditions.

12. In Switzerland it’s LEGAL to download any copyrighted material.

The Pirate Party in Switzerland is more interested in internet rights than swashbuckling. These pirates want to be allowed to download free content from the internet and, due to a recent decision to uphold current laws, they can. In Switzerland, downloading copyrighted material is free and legal, be it movies, music or software. One sticking point is that you can download the material, but you can’t upload it, or offer up new content for download. The Swiss also argue that legal downloading is fine because that money for the artists just goes other places, such as toward concerts or merchandise.

13. Tribes in the Amazon are using Google Earth to map their lands and fight illegal mining.

Amazonian Indians are using Google Earth and GPS to track deforestation in the Amazon, mostly by illegal miners. The Amazon Conservation Team (ACT) is training them to use this technology, helping them fight off encroachment of their dwindling home. Google Earth gives the Indians a birdseye view to track new mines or hidden air strips that can be impossible to find on the ground given the vastness of the Amazon. They’re also mapping much of the Amazon in detail, including the marking of sacred historical or mythological sites.

2013 BET Awards Winners List

The 2013 BET AWARDS was held last night at the Nokia Theatre L.A. (Los Angeles) And here is a list of the winners



Chris Tucker hosts the 2013 BET Awards live from the Nokia Theatre in L.A. on Sunday.

Gossip Cop has full coverage of the festivities!

And the winners are…






Kendrick Lamar


Gabrielle Douglas


Mary Mary


LeBron James


Gabrielle Douglas


Jamie Foxx


Nicki Minaj


Kendrick Lamar


Charlie Wilson


A$AP Rocky f/ Drake, 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar, “Problems”


Dwayne Wade


Chris Brown


Drake, “Started From The Bottom”


Think Like A Man


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis


Tamar Braxton, “Love & War”


Drake, “Started From The Bottom”


Benny Boom


Kerry Washington


Ice Prince (Nigeria)


Emeli Sande

SlausonNation Exclusive

10 Secrets of a Healthy Relationship

PHOTO: Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas

PHOTO: Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas

Truth be told, keeping him / her happy takes some serious communication, openness, and many-many more. Consider these 10 tips from certified sex therapist SARI COOPER your healthy relationship bible.

1. Express Yourself

“One of the foundations of a healthy relationship is being able to express your feelings to your partner and learning how to listen,” says Cooper. “Witnessing or mirroring [basically saying ‘I get you’] is a good basic form of communication.” But saying ‘I get you’ doesn’t mean ‘I agree with you.’ In other words, hear him out, but don’t just agree to keep the peace.

2. Schedule Quality Time Together

Particularly as you get further along in your relationship – moving in together, having kids, the whole shebang – you’ll have plenty of logistical conversations that need to happen. Who’s making sure the kids aren’t stranded at soccer practice, how to handle telling Momzilla that you’re going to his folks’ for the holidays, and so on. “That doesn’t give a sense of emotional bonding or intimacy that many people are craving,” says Cooper. Carve out quality time when you’re focusing on each other and nothing else.

3. Fight for a (Specific) Cause

“There’s a term in couples counseling we use called ‘kitchen sinking,'” says Cooper. You probably already guessed what it means: That mountain of complaints that piles up like the dishes in your skank-ass sink – starting with his griping about you stealing the TV remote whenever he turns on the sports channel and then snowballs into an argument about house chores, date nights and the fact that you never wear the awful jewelry he bought you for V-Day. Don’t do it. Arguing about a bunch of issues all at once is too overwhelming to tackle. Stick to one at a time.

4. Introduce New Experiences

Now you don’t have to sign up for the next season of Survivor, but you do want to continuously introduce novel experiences into your relationship. Whether that’s adding a new sex toy into your routine, traveling to Tahiti like you’ve always dreamed of, or taking a French class together, you want grow together – and challenge each other – with new shared experiences.

5. Express Appreciation

Everyone loves an ego boost. Tell him what a great job he did planning your latest date so he doesn’t feel taken for granted. Chances are it will inspire him to give you the same well-deserved pats on the back.

6. Make a Contract

“A lot of couples have nonverbal contracts that are vaguely set up based on habits,” says Cooper, but many haven’t made a conscious effort to agree on who’s doing what. For instance, you might be the better cook, but you want him to step it up in the kitchen two days a week. Acknowledge your individual strengths, what you each would like to contribute (and where you’re willing to compromise). And renegotiate the contract every few years.

7. Request Permission to Talk

Ask your partner if it’s okay timing to chat about a touchier (read: contentious) topic before launching into a monologue.

8. Be Spontaneous

Remember how fun the just-getting-to-know-each-other, unpredictable sex period of your relationship was? Hold on to some of that magic even as you are together for a longer period of time. Make the effort to be creative, woo, and surprise each other. Take turns planning special dates.

9. Do You

Growing and changing for the better as a person will make your relationship a better place. “One of the most important things about being in a relationship is you learn as much if not more about yourself as you do about your partner,” says Cooper. By watching the way that you react to your partner and the ways in which you’re challenged, you’re forced to grow.

10. Don’t Give Up Your BFFs

Absolutely true that you want your partner to be the first person you call with good news, and also the first shoulder you want to cry on. But the idea that your spouse has to be your number-one best friend is a myth, says Cooper. “Girls relate to best friends in a certain way, and I find a lot of women get dismayed expecting a man to react as a girlfriend would when he doesn’t.” Rather than seeking a man who will empathize with every emotion you express, find a person you’re excited to share your life with, suggests Cooper.


Ladies: 20 (important) facts to know about your breast

The breasts of smokers are more likely to be saggier than those of non-smokers because the nicotine and other toxic chemicals in cigarettes break down elastin.

I’m going to share with you some things to know about breasts. I’ll impart some techie stuff along with some facts about breasts you may not have heard before. So whether you want to know who designed the first bra, or about shapes and sizes, read on for some interesting things to know about breasts…(SlausonBoi)winks


Well firstly – don’t ask a man! Although actually – they are meant to be attractive to men so they do have some role in this, and in fact, men have breasts too. One of the things to know about breasts is what they are. Breasts are composed of fatty tissue held by fibrous connective tissues. Within these tissues are milk-producing sacs (milk glands number between 15 and 25) which converge in the nipple via the milk ducts. On the outside of the breast is the nipple which is surrounded by the areola.


Every woman’s breasts are different. And one of the key facts about breasts is that there is no right or wrong shape or size. The only way to change how they look is with cosmetic surgery, which can enhance through implants or decrease via tissue removal.


Like breasts themselves, nipples come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some might stick out, others might be flush to the breast surface, while others are inverted. Nipples are the most sensitive part of the breast thanks to the accumulation of many nerve endings. The nipples and the areola are also the only parts of the breast that contain muscle fibers, which enable them to become erect.


The areola is the area of darker pigmented skin around the nipple and really is just an extension of the nipple. The areolae too will always be different on every woman. They tend to darken during pregnancy and usually stay darker after the birth. Some women have little bumps in their areolae. This is quite normal – they are oil glands that secrete a lubricant to make breast feeding easier.


Men are attracted to breasts because they are genetically programmed to be and there are many studies that show it is a woman’s breasts that men notice first. Breasts are an integral part of the whole reproductive process, playing a role in the beginning by attracting the male, during intercourse (sexual stimulation increases chance of conception) and after the birth to feed the baby. Their significance is also a major factor in why breasts play such a key role in a woman’s image.


Another of the sexually-related things to know about breasts is that they do change when stimulated. Typically, nipples will become erect and more sensitive to touch. The areolae swell, also becoming more sensitive, and sometimes veins become visible due to increased blood flow. This might also make them feel slightly fuller and heavier. Did you know that up to 1% of women can achieve orgasm through breast stimulation alone? (Thanks, Cosmo!)


The lady credited with inventing the modern bra is Mary Phelps Jacob, who filed her patent in 1914. The word bra was made popular during the 1930s and is the shortened form of brassiere, which has been around since the late 1890s and referred to the most common type of “bust supporter” worn back then, which was a kind of camisole with boning. But, the concept of the bra is far from modern and women throughout the ages have worn breast support in various forms – right back to Ancient Greece. It is estimated that the average western woman owns nine bras.


The most common bra cup size around the world is B. One of the interesting things to know about breasts is that the average size is increasing. This is being attributed to the increase in popularity in cosmetic enhancement but also in some way to obesity. Both these factors make sense when you learn that in both the US and the UK, the average cup size is not B but D. If you’re interested in how your Nigeria racks up, check out this map of average cup sizes: What is even more interesting though, is that both men and women say that a C cup is the ideal.


A report issued in 2012 by the BMC Medical Genetics Journal detailed a study which concluded that the size and shape of a woman’s breasts is in part due to genetic heritage. Apparently, there are seven genetic markers that determine what our breasts look and feel like.


A well-fitted bra does more for you than just give you a nice silhouette. It’s shocking that up to 80% of women wear the wrong size bra because they buy off the shelf without ever having had a fitting to know what their exact measurements are. It sounds so simple, but you need to wear the right size bra to ensure you have the right support to avoid shoulder hunching, back ache and even headaches.


According to Cosmo, the average weight of a breast is just under 1 lb 2 oz. This accounts for 4-5% of the body’s total fat.


Wearing a sports bra during exercise is an important factor for your health. Sure it’s about not having your breasts jiggle about, which can be uncomfortable enough in itself, but that bouncing movement can cause strain on the supportive ligaments. Supportive ligaments that have become stretched will give you saggy breasts. You can also suffer from runners nipple if you exercise without a sports bra – soreness caused by friction of the nipple rubbing against fabric.


Did you know that human females are the only mammals to have permanently inflated breasts? By this I mean that although they might alter in size during certain times like ovulation, pregnancy and post-natally, essentially, they are always there, as is. In other female mammals, the equivalent (teats or nipples) are hidden until they have given birth, when they enlarge ready to feed the babies.


One of the interesting facts about breasts is that most women have one breast bigger than the other, and even more interestingly, it is the left one that is usually bigger. You will also find that at certain times during your menstrual cycle, your breasts may also lose more of their symmetry – particularly between days 13-17. This too is perfectly normal and is caused by the hormones released during ovulation


There are plenty of names for breasts – technical boffins might want to call them mammary glands, but most of us usually refer to them as boobs. Other names include lady bumps, lady pillows, fun bags, bazookas, baps, God’s milk bottles, jugs, knockers, rack, puppies, tits, and boulders. And then, there’s a huge great long list of slang names that reference size, like bee-stings and melons. There are probably in excess of 150 names for breasts and that doesn’t include “local” ones.


As we age, the collagen and connective tissues in our breasts that keep them perky and firm get replaced by fat and our breasts will droop. Unfortunately, it’s one of the facts about breasts that we all have to live with and even a healthy diet and regular exercise cannot totally defy the aging process. It can be so tempting to go braless but save this for special occasions – your breasts are so much happier when they are being supported.


And, on the issue of droop, you can exercise all you like, but it will do nothing to maintain the firmness of your breasts. Quite simply , the breasts do not contain any muscles, so there is nothing to develop. Toning the pectoral muscles around the breasts will help with keeping them pert though.


I’m now going to share one of the facts about breasts that might just make you smokers out there give up – and if it doesn’t, I’ll pin my hopes on the fear number 20 can create. The breasts of smokers are more likely to be saggier than those of non-smokers because the nicotine and other toxic chemicals in cigarettes break down elastin.


If you have a passion to learn everything there is know about breasts shapes and sizes and bras, head to the Hong Kong Polytechnic University where you can take a degree in bra studies. *Winks


OK girls, this is no joke and is the reason why you absolutely must learn how to examine your breasts. It may seem like a small number when I tell you that 40,000 women in the US die from breast cancer every year, BUT this figure excludes the massive 230,000 who are diagnosed with the disease. The mortality rate is low because diagnosis is being made more quickly and easily and treatments have improved. If you find a lump, according to probability, it will most likely be a cyst, but don’t just ignore it, or assume it is a cyst – seek medical advice. I know it’s not a very cheery subject but it is important to be informed.

I hope you found these things to know about breasts interesting. I’d love to hear your questions if you have any or just leave a comment on anything breast-related

The 5 Categories Of People You Need After A Breakup

Breakups are not easy to handle. While you might feel an inclination to shut yourself out from the outer world, it’s really important that you don’t stay alone for the rest of your life. There are people who care about you. Or, on the other hand, you may feel better after a conversation with a complete stranger whom you might never see again. Which people are best for curing your broken heart?

1. The Ex Who Still Loves You For No Discernible Reason. Okay, so you don’t necessarily need this ex around. It’s probably more convenient that anyone who thinks highly of you loses their invite to your pity party, lest they’re compelled to explain – using charts, diagrams, and role play – why you’re alone again. But once you crawl from denial to depression, you’ll appreciate the ex who still loves you for no discernible reason. Even if you never, ever wanted to see them again. They’re evidence that someone, somewhere has the capacity to love you romantically, that you’re capable of being on decent terms with an ex, and that you’re not cosmically screwed for life. Once you’ve moved on, their affections might as well be coming from a lampshade (you did break up for a reason I know), but that’s neither here nor there. Let their misguided adoration comfort you in your time of need.

2. A Bartender. You shouldn’t drink yourself to death while mourning, the lost relationship (this is for people that drink cos SlausonBoi 2uti doesn’t drink *BigSmile). But from what I’ve learnt, Bartenders have a lot to offer by way of therapeutic support for someone in your situation. For one thing, they’ve already seen hundreds of patrons through similar dilemmas and so have a unique perspective on philosophical questions like, “What went wrong”? If that fails, bartenders can get you liquored up and point you in the direction of a single, hot regular or even take you home themselves, as they’re typically attractive (and good listeners!) *winks

3. A Stranger. Strangers are useful for two things when you’re in the shadow of a recent breakup – taking your mind off of your ex and providing an unbiased analysis of your situation. Your interaction will likely begin with the former: meeting someone new provides at least an hour of processing completely foreign information and stringing it together to form an impression. As for the latter, strangers will candidly tell you what they think because they have no stake in protecting you or your ex. The people you know are too afraid to tell you that you’re a tad overbearing – but a stranger has no such fear. Their diagnosis will sound relevant and profound to you, even if all they’re doing is stating the obvious.

4. The Person Who Hates Your Ex. This person can be a family member, a friend, someone in your ex’s network, or… a paid actor. The only requirement is that they despise your ex to a degree that almost makes you feel sorry for the poor bastard. Almost! #Hahahaha

5. Your Friends. There is no better cure-all than time spent with friends. Dance. Laugh. Even if you accidentally boarded the ship to ‘OMG I’m In A Relationship Now And Don’t Require Friendship Anymore BYE!’ Island, don’t be afraid to let people be there for you in your time of need. At least one of your friends will be happy that you’ve crossed back over from the dark side, and if not? An apology and some good will can go a long way. Redirect the energy you”d spend grieving your ex to nourishing your dilapidated friendships.

Guess you now know what to do after a breakup, that’s if you are very emotional tho. People like me (Gemini) we actually hardly feel anything most times. Not saying this due to my own personality if that is what you think, I have asked several Gemini’s too how they feel after breakups and they told me it hurts them for a week or two that is if their ex is just exceptional and they have given all of their heart to the person. Not everybody is this way tho, some people get heart broken for months if not years until the ex comes back. What if the ex doesn’t come back? What if he or she have found love in someone else and that someone is not you ?. You won’t get yourself killed, will you ?. So this article in general is to help you move on with your life. I hope I tried tho *winks #SlausonBoi

6 things to AVOID on social media

There is no denying that social media is taking over the world, but while that may be true, that means there are some things to avoid in social media. When dealing with social media, it is important to remember that anyone, and I do mean anyone, can see what you are saying. Companies, friends, and family can all see what you are posting. So be mindful about what you are saying. Here are some of my tips on things to avoid in social media.


Arguing is one of the major things to avoid in social media. While social media is a great way to share your opinion, it is also a great way to be tolerant of others’ opinions. If you disagree with something someone puts on social media, take a step back before commenting on it. Starting a fight via Facebook or Twitter just shows you are childish and are not tolerant of others’ views. It can be hard because some people share very ignorant views, but those people are best left to their own devices.


Going along with the arguing aspect to avoid in social media, it is best to not share to many opinions on politics or religion. It is great to have strong opinions on both matters, but it is also best to keep those opinions off the web. It creates unnecessary drama when people start arguments over opposing viewpoints. Save yourself the trouble and avoid these topics too much when on social media.


This may sound harsh, but not that many people care if you and your friend are having a fight. If you want social support, call one of your other friends to talk. It is not something that every one of your Facebook friends need to know details about. This is something that not everyone knows to avoid in social media. While it is great for sharing information about your life, there is a line that needs to be drawn in how much detail you can share.


Again this might sound harsh, but nobody cares how drunk you got last night. Sure pictures of you and your friends at the bars are great, but tweeting about how drunk or hungover you are is a 100% no when it comes to social media. If being judged by others isn’t reason enough, remember that employers can be looking at your social media accounts also. And they probably won’t want to hire you if you constantly tweet about being wasted.


Any picture in which you are showing too much skin, are in a compromising position, or are doing anything relatively sexual…keep it off social media. It is disturbing when my Facebook news feed is riddled with girls taking pictures with their cleavage hanging out or grinding up on some boy. It is embarrassing for them and it makes them look trashy. That is fine if you want to dance up on everyone at the club. Just try to keep it to yourself the next day.


Another thing I don’t think most people have learned to avoid on social media is talking about people. Make sure you take time to really think through tweeting about someone who is annoying. Most of the time, they will be able to tell whom you are talking about and then the drama starts. There is nothing more awkward than being approached by someone you tweeted or posted a status about.

5 Ways To Deal With A Womanizing Boyfriend

Do you think that your boyfriend is crossing the line of healthy flirting with other women? Just because he was popular with women before he met you, does not mean that he has the right to carry the same habits once he is in a relationship with you.

​Here are some effective ways to deal with the womanizing behavior of your boyfriend.

1. Identify specific instances of his womanizing behavior

You will never be able to prove your point unless you confront your boyfriend with proof about specific instances of his womanizing ways. The best way to confront him is to keep a note of all the times you noticed his womanizing ways. When you confront him, list out these specific examples so that you have enough substance to accuse him of being a womanizer.

2. Give him a warning when you confront him

There is no point in confronting your boyfriend if you don’t give him a stern warning for his womanizing ways. Let it be very clear to him that you are well aware of his behavior and you will not tolerate with any of it. You can give him an ultimatum and warn him that you might consider breaking up the relationship if he does not stop being a womanizer. Let him know that you are insecure and feel he doesn’t love you as much as you think you love him. If he actually loves you, he will stop womanizing.

3. Flirt with someone to give him a taste of his own medicine

If talking to your boyfriend calmly and having a conversation with him does not work, try to make him realize how bad you feel by flirting with someone in front of him. Set up a situation where you can flirt with a guy when your boyfriend is with you. When he confronts you about your behavior, Means he loves you and is jealous, just tell him that this is exactly how you feel when he flirts with other women. Being at the receiving end of the pain and hurt may open his eyes and make him stop being a womanizer. But if he doing that and he doesn’t feel moved and jealous in anyway, then just know you are among his bandwagon of side chicks and he doesn’t consider you his girlfriend or love you in anyway. Note: SlausonBoi speaking from experience, I was once a womanizer….been there, done that *winks

4. Walk away and pretend you want to break up if he breaks his promise twice

If you find that your boyfriend is still showing signs of being a womanizer even after you served him a warning, pretend that you are thinking of breaking up with him. Do this only if he is actually remorseful of his behavior and pleads for another chance. Use this trump card very carefully because it can create two situations. Either he will do everything he can to stop being a womanizer and prove his love for you, or he will assume that you have seriously broken up with him and he might never look back.

5. Give him one last chance and be ready to call off the relationship if he does it the third time

The is the time when you have no other choice but to make a life changing decision, whether you want to break up with your boyfriend if he does not stop his flirty behavior. If you decide that you have had enough, give him one final chance to mend his ways. Be ready to call it quits in your relationship if the results do not work in your favor, because if he still womanizes it means you mean nothing to him and he can’t change because of you. You should know that there is no looking back after you give him a last chance. If you take him back even after your ultimatum, he might take you for granted and continue being a womanizer.

I wrote this article because of the emails I get from some girls I don’t even know and their complaints about how awful they are been treated by their boyfriends and I assure you that I wrote this article from my experience of being a flirty dude till I really found someone I loved and really had to change because of her because I felt I needed not to hurt her feelings because she gave me her all and I had no alternative than to change. If the man you love truly loves you back he is going to change just to make sure you are happy #SlausonBoi

I hope this article helps you. You can mail me: for GnC. Please include your Name, Country and state of residence if not you won’t get a reply. Thank you!

PG +18: Women’s 10 Biggest Worries About Sex

We stress over our jobs, our relationships, our finances and our friendships — and unfortunately, even our bedrooms can become a breeding ground for anxiety. Sex may be touted as one of the most effective (and pleasurable) forms of stress relief, but it can also be a major source of insecurity for women.

Performance anxiety isn’t limited to men, and if your sex life isn’t as mind-blowing as it could be, it’s possible that your own worries are getting in the way.

Body image issues, orgasm obstacles and STD woes are just a few of the concerns that can keep women from letting go and enjoying their time between the sheets. If you suspect that your anxiety about sex might be preventing you from optimizing your pleasure, it might be worth taking a look at some of your own sexual in-securities. Scroll through the list below for 10 common worries about sex — and why they’re not worth the stress.

1. I can’t orgasm from intercourse.

The inability to climax is arguably the most universal female sexual problem: Recent studies have suggested that roughly 75 percent of women can’t orgasm through penetrative sex, and 10 to 15 percent can’t orgasm under any circumstances. And in fact, until recently, the sheer existence of the vaginal orgasm was questioned.

If you’re one of the 25 percent of women who consistently orgasm during intercourse, congratulations! But if orgasms elude you, bear in mind that the inability to climax makes you normal, not abnormal, and it doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy a fulfilling sex life. Experiment with other ways of achieving orgasm, and make sure you have a partner who’s willing to try a whole range of techniques to give you pleasure.

2. I don’t look good naked.

Body image isn’t solely a self-esteem issue: It can also significantly impact your sex life. According to psychologist Dr. Jennifer Hartstein, 61 percent of women are thinking about what their bodies look like during sex, and a 2011 Fitness Magazine study found that 51 percent of women would give up sex for a year to be skinny.

Needless to say, feeling unattractive (and trying to avoid positions that you fear may be unflattering) tends to kill the mood. So instead of forcing yourself to have sex when you’re not feeling up for it, try to do something that does make you feel sexy, whether that’s a night out with friends, taking a yoga class or treating yourself to a deep-tissue massage. Giving yourself pleasure can also be a great way to boost your body confidence.

A good partner will be willing to wait until you’re in the mood, so don’t push yourself if you’d rather curl up with a movie than hop into bed. When you are ready to have sex again, focus on the sensations — and remind yourself that you, like anyone else, deserve pleasure. And consider this: While you’re worrying about all the things you think are wrong with your body, your partner is probably appreciating everything he or she loves about it.

3. I don’t have a “normal” vagina.

Like negative body image, worry that your lady parts are unattractive can seriously undermine your sexual confidence, and it’s led many women to undergo surgical procedures to attain a more “desirable” vagina. The porn industry in particular has been instrumental in changing cultural conceptions of what a vagina “should” look like in order for it to be sexually appealing. (Heaven forbid any part of the female body escape evaluation by today’s often unrealistic beauty standards.)

This anxiety about vaginal appearance was the inspiration behind the recent Large Labia Project, a Tumblr that encourages women to celebrate the beauty of their vulvas by submitting “vagina selfies.” Collectively, the photos deliver a message we all need to hear: Whether you’re shaven or unshaven, have large labia or small, there’s nothing wrong with your vagina. Try to appreciate it as much as your partner(s) already do(es).

4. I’m bad at sex.

Let’s face it: Mediocre sex is no fun for anyone involved. But before you start berating yourself for your lack of sexual prowess, bear in mind that good sex has more to do with how committed two people are to giving each other pleasure than how advanced their moves are.

There are a lot of factors that go into creating a less-than-steamy sex session, so if you’re feeling unsatisfied, consider the other conditions that may be putting a damper on your sex life. Sub-par sex could be the result of feeling uncomfortable with your partner, or it could be that you’re still learning what really turns you on. With the right person and a little experimenting, you can have stellar sex — it’s just a matter of build up your confidence (see #2) and comfort level with your partner. And of course, as with anything else in life, practice makes perfect.

5. Sex with my partner will eventually get boring/routine.

Contrary to popular belief, married couples actually report having more regular sex and higher levels of sexual satisfaction than those who are single or in unmarried relationships. As many married couples can tell you, sex within a committed relationship doesn’t have to be monotonous — in fact, it can be the best kind of sex. There’s a high level of comfort and intimacy, not to mention that your partner knows what you want and exactly how to give it to you.

Women’s levels of desire have been shown to gradually decrease over time in committed relationships. If your sex routine is getting a little stale, experts recommend talking openly to your partner about your sexual needs and trying new things (role play? sex toys?) to turn the heat back up.

6. My sex drive is too low.

If you’re suffering from a lack of desire, you’re not alone: A 2008 survey of over 30,000 women found that increasing numbers of women report sexual problems, including 10 percent of women ages 18 to 44 who reported low sexual desire.

What you need to know is that it’s not your fault: Low sex drive could be the result of certain forms of birth control, lack of sleep or taking antidepressants. Stress, depression and relationship issues can also be the culprits, according to ABC News. If you’re not sure what’s dampening your desire, talk to your gynecologist — the good news is that there are many ways to boost a low libido.

7. I’ve had too many (or not enough) sexual partners.

Some of us will experience many different types of sex, while others will only experience one type of sex with one partner. When it comes to sexual experience, there is no “normal.” You’ve grown and learned from your experiences, whatever and however many they may be, so don’t stress about which end of the spectrum (women aged 30-44 report an average of four sexual partners, according to the Kinsey Institute) your number of partners falls on. As Entertainment Weekly critic Lisa Schwarzbaum put it in a review of the flop 2011 rom com “What’s Your Number?”, “Who in this day and age is counting?”

8. My STD is going to ruin my sex life.

Finding out that you have an STD is difficult, but it isn’t a death sentence for your sex life. Eighty percent of sexually-active singles will contract HPV at some point in their lives, and approximately one in four adults living in New York City has genital herpes. Your STD might feel like a scarlet “A,” but the stigma around these diseases isfading. If you’re nervous about telling prospective partners about your situation, try a dating site like, which is exclusively for individuals with sexually transmitted diseases.

9. I’m not having sex right now.

If it seems like everyone around you is having multiple orgasms and getting it on in public bathrooms while you’re stuck in sexual limbo, think again: Half of Africans are unsatisfied with their sex lives, according to a 2012 survey. If you’re going through a dry spell (and please note: we all do), try to remember that when spring inevitably comes again, having taken a break will mean that you have a better understanding of your sexual and relationship needs — and be in a better position to ask for them.

10. Get turned on by things they don’t actually want to do in real life.

Despite the wealth of research that’s been done on the subject, there are many aspects of female sexual desire that we still don’t understand. What we do know is that a woman’s capacity for arousal is generally far more fluid than a man’s. In an often-cited 2009 study , men and women were shown clips of a variety of sexual activities — sex between men and women, homosexual sex, animal sex, and more — and found that while straight men were aroused by heterosexual and lesbian sex, women were more aroused across the board. However, although women experienced physical arousal, they didn’t report being turned on. Their conclusion? When it comes to sex, our minds and bodies are frequently in disagreement.

If you’re a straight woman having lesbian fantasies, or you have domination fantasies that may not be in line with your feminist values, remember that desire isn’t always logical, moral, or politically correct. Fantasizing about something doesn’t necessarily mean you want to act it out in reality. And if you find that you do, it’s possible to act out fantasies in a safe way. The important thing is not to berate yourself for your desires.

4 ways to keep your relationship Intacts by showing love

Learning to recognize how you express love to your partner – and what makes your partner feel loved – can help you communicate your feelings more effectively.

Often, we end up taking each other for granted and allow silence to kill the relationship slowly. However, if dealt with in time, you can fix the situation by following these tips. Ensure that you do not become a statistic or a case study on relationships that fizzled out because the couple did not know how to express their feelings and show their love for each other. Here’s what you can do:

Time factor

Learning to make time for your partner and making them a priority in your life is another way to show how much you care. There are times when our hectic schedules force us to put our personal lives on the back burner. While you can’t help doing this sometimes, you should ensure that it does not become a disturbing pattern. This can be detrimental for your relationship and your future together as a couple.

Make’em feel ‘gifted’

Some people feel loved and appreciated when they receive gifts, while others don’t put too much value on it. Study what your partner likes and go with that. If he or she appreciates gifts a lot, then keep this in mind: The gifts you purchase don’t have to be expensive, but they can certainly show that you put thought into them. After all, it’s the gesture that counts.

How ‘touching’

Nothing says I love you more than a tight hug or a kiss. A touch can be soothing, comforting and loving. It could just be the thing your partner may need after a long hard day at work or in the kitchen or at home, keeping the house in order.

Talk, but listen more

Listening to what your partner has to say is the best way for you to understand what they are feeling or experiencing at a particular time. One-way communication often leads to serious problems because only one partner does the talking while the other is listening. It can be frustrating for the latter, as they are forced to bottle up their emotions. Unfortunately, the former is too preoccupied with themselves to pay attention to what the latter has to say. Hence, it’s important that you not only talk, but also listen to each other. Effective communication and sharing can help build a strong relationship.

PG 18+: 5 powerful ways to make your woman feel sexy

Women are naturally sexy. The problem with them, however, is that they easily get insecure. Women expend a lot of energy trying to attract and maintain male interest, so making the woman you’re with feel desirable is crucially important. Here are some simple ways in which you can make your woman feel as sexy and wonderful as you find her to be.

1. Be generous with affection

Nothing makes a woman feel more wanted, loved, and completely beautiful than genuine affection. Run your hands gently through her hair, rub the small of her back, hold her tight, and whisper sweet nothings into her ear. These actions are guaranteed to make your girl melt and overflow with warm confidence.

2. Give her genuine compliments

Women enjoy being adored, so each day tell your woman what you love about her in full detail. Compliment her not only on her looks, but also on her accomplishments, talents and abilities. It could be how she moves her hips, how she flips her hair, or how she wears a dress or a certain pair of jeans. Whatever it is that makes you head over heels in love, tell her specifically.

3. Buy Her Sexy Clothing

If you want your woman to feel sexy, then make her appear sexy. Other than lingerie, buy her clothes that accentuate her curves and highlight her assets. When she’s wearing the items you selected for her, tell her how beautiful you think she is and how good she looks in them. Expressing how much you like her body in her new items may encourage her to be happier with her self image, awaken her sexuality and could be even more fun for you when she wears them!

4. Give her a sensual bath

Giving your woman a sensual bath can be a heavenly experience if you know what you’re doing. Keep in mind this type of bath is not intended to cleanse her body; it’s to help her feel relaxed, sexy and spoiled. Simply light a couple of candles, provide a nice drink (that you know she likes) and let her relax and be pampered with no interruptions at all.

5. Simply tell her how sexy she is

Nothing can make your woman feel sexy than by simply telling her how sexy she is. Tell her how great she looks, that she’s extremely sexy and that you’d like to see her naked more often. This will do wonders for her self-esteem. Simply pausing, ogling her and always acknowledging the effort she puts in to look special for you will let her know that you are turned on and do wonders for her confidence and self-esteem

Vitamin D May Help Treat Asthma

Researchers in London have identified a mechanism through which vitamin D can significantly reduce the symptoms of asthma and suggest it may offer a new way to treat the debilitating condition, which in the UK alone affects around 5.4 million people and costs the NHS around £1 billion a year.

Catherine Hawrylowicz of King’s College London, and colleagues, write about their discovery in a paper published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology this month.

Asthma is a long-term condition where the airways narrow from becoming inflamed and swollen, making it hard to breathe.

Currently patients with severe asthma take steroid tablets, which can have harmful side effects.

But some patients have a type of asthma that is resistant to steroids making it almost impossible to treat, so their asthma attacks are often severe and sometimes even life-threatening, leading to repeated hospital admission.

In their paper, Hawrylowicz and colleagues describe how they found a way that vitamin D may be able to reduce the symptoms of asthma.

It concerns the activity of a natural compound called interleukin-17A (IL-17A) which is part of the immune system. IL-17A protects the body against infection but is also known to worsen asthma symptoms and, in large amounts, to decrease the impact of steroids.

For the study, the team examined three groups of people: 18 patients with steroid-resistant asthma, 10 patients with asthma that responded to treatment with steroids, and 10 healthy people without asthma (the controls).

IL-17A is produced by a group of immune cells called TH17 (T helper 17 cells). The researchers examined these cells in each group of patients and looked at how they produced IL-17A and the amounts.

They found that compared to cells from the healthy controls without asthma, cells from both of the asthma groups had higher levels of IL-17A, with the steroid-resistant group showing the highest levels.

And, they found vitamin D significantly lowered production of IL-17A in cells from all three groups, including the two groups with asthma. Steroids, on the other hand, had little effect on IL-17A production in the cells from patients with asthma.

The team concludes that vitamin D inhibited IL-17A production in all the patients they studied, “irrespective of their clinical responsiveness to steroids”, and these results thus identify “novel steroid-enhancing properties of vitamin D in asthmatic patients”.

The findings therefore suggest vitamin D could be a safe and useful add-on treatment.

If vitamin D proves successful in trials, and is shown to reduce the amount of steroids required, it could have enormous impact on the quality of life of asthma sufferers.

As Hawrylowicz explains in a statement:

“These findings are very exciting as they show that vitamin D could one day be used not only to treat people with steroid resistant asthma but also to reduce the doses of steroids in other asthma patients, reducing the risk of harmful side effects.”

She says the findings were “so positive” that they are already starting a clinical trial in steroid resistant asthma patients to find out more about using vitamin D as a treatment for asthma.

Asthma UK helped fund the study, and the research team is part of the King’s Health Partners Academic Health Sciences Centre.

In another study published recently in the American Journal of Medicine, researchers from Johns Hopkins in the US report that very high blood levels of vitamin D confer no additional benefit, and warn that raising levels of vitamin D in “healthy people” whose levels are normal could do more harm than good.

Bed-Sharing With Parents Puts Babies At 5 Times The Risk For SIDS

Co-sleeping with a newborn increases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) five fold, a new study in BMJ Open suggests.

The likelihood applies even if parents are not smokers, drinkers, or drug users – other factors that raise the risk of SIDS, according to the study led by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

A previous study conducted by a research team at the University of Calgary, Canada, suggests that premature infants born to mothers who smoke are at a higher risk for SIDS than premature babies born to non-smokers.

SIDS, also called cot death in the UK, is one of the major causes of death among infants under the age of 1, mainly in high-income nations.

Past research established that the risk rate of SIDS increased when parents were sleeping with the newborn and were smokers, drinkers, or using drugs, but it was not clear whether this result was the same if parents did not have these habits.

In the UK, current recommendations say that parents should pick where their baby sleeps, however, the safest option is in a crib or cot in the same room.

The study was one of the largest of its kind and analyzed individual records of approximately 1,472 SIDS deaths and 4,679 control cases across five studies.

The investigators found that the risk of SIDS was more frequent in breast-fed babies younger than 3 months who shared the bed with their parents, even if the parents did not use alcohol, drugs, or smoke cigarettes.

The authors suggest that close to 81% of SIDS deaths among babies under three months with no risk factors could have been prevented if they had not shared a bed with their parents.

Additionally, the risk of bed-sharing decreased as the infant got older. The most prevalent period for the occurrence of SIDS was between 7 and 10 weeks.

A study published in Pediatrics suggests that bed-sharing with toddlers does not increase the risk of learning or behavioral problems, however, they say the risk of SIDS is still possible and should be considered when choosing sleeping position and location.

Lead author of the current study, Professor Bob Carpenter from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine said:

“If parents were made aware of the risks of sleeping with their baby, and room sharing was instead promoted in the same way that the ‘Back to Sleep’ campaign was promoted 20 years ago to advise parents to place their newborn infants to sleep on their backs, we could achieve a substantial reduction in cot death rates in the UK. This advice could save the lives of up to 40% of those. Health professionals need to make a definite stand against all bed sharing, especially for babies under 3 months.”

The authors indicate that a significant decrease in SIDS rates could be reached if parents did not share beds with their babies. The Netherlands and the U.S. are two of the few nations that recommend parents do not share a bed with their baby in the first three months after birth.

Mark Zuckerberg: Little-Known Facts

Most of us know Mark Zuckerberg as the CEO of Facebook, but there are a lot of interesting facts about this young billionaire that you all must know.

Born : May 14, 1984

Age : 28

1. Type @[4:0] in a Facebook comment, and Mark Zuckerberg’s name will appear.

2. As a teenager Mark was an aethist.

3. Mark’s father Edward Zuckerberg enrolled Mark in a graduate computer course at a nearby college. When his father accompanied Mark to the college at the first class, the instructor looked at Edward and said, pointing to Mark, “You can’t bring him to the classroom with you.” Edward informed the instructor that his son Mark was the student.

4. Mark and his sisters loved to play pranks. Once, Mark and his sister Randi pulled a prank on New Year’s Eve of 1999 that was memorable for Mark Zuckerberg. During that time, everyone was upset about Y2K, which was the theory that a bug in a computer data programming would ruin many of the computerised systems of the world when the year turned to 2000. Mark knew that his parents were apprehensive about Y2K, so he, with his sister, waited until exactly midnight and then shut down the power in their house so as to make his parents think the fears about Y2K had actually come true.

5. Mark, along with his classmate, at Phillips Exeter Academy wrote a music program called Synapse. The program used artificial intelligence to analyse a user’s music listenting habits and used that information to recommend other music.

6. The program got a lot of favourable reviews that both AOL and Microsoft showed interest in buying it for around $1 million. Also, they wanted to hire Mark to develop it, but he would have to drop out of school, so he refused.

7. He joined a Jewish fraternity, Alpha Epsilon Pi. At a party one Friday night, Mark met Priscilla Chan, a Chinese American from Boston. They would later begin dating. Priscilla Chan later expressed her first impressions of Zuckerberg : “He was this nerdy guy who was just a little bit out there.”

8. To be able to communicate with his girlfriend Priscilla Chan’s family members, Zuckerberg started to learn Chinese in 2010.

9. At the beginning of the sophomore year, Mark developed Course Match, the program that enabled students/users to decide what college courses they wanted to opt for based on what other students at their school were choosing.

10. He also invented Facemash, a program that was created with the purpose of finding out who was the most attractive person on campus. However, this was more like the pranks he used to play as a child.

11. The domain name, the predecessor to Facebook that Zuckerberg built in 2003, was sold in 2010 for $30201.

12. In 2009 Mark Zuckerberg wore a tie for the entire year as a symbol of how serious and important the year was following the recession that began in 2008.

13. In 2011, Zuckerberg turned vegetarian and said he would only eat meat of animals that he killed himself.

14. Zuckerberg’s first car was a Subaru Forester SUV.

15. Mark Zuckerberg is also on Twitter as @finkd where he has over 150,000 followers but has posted only 19 tweets in the last three and a half years.

16. Blue is Mark Zuckerberg’s favourite colour, as evident from Facebook’s design.

17. By the time he turned 13, he had already created a basic computer network for his family dubbed “Zucknet,” which allowed the computers in the family and his father’s dental offfice to send messages to each other by pinging.

18. Zuckerberg has also created a few computer games. Once, he developed a computer version of the game Monopoly based on his middle school and a version of the game Risk based on the Roman empire.

19. Zuckerberg’s pet dog Beast is a Puli, a type of Hungarian Sheepdog.

20. Zuckerberg placed a big whiteboard in the hallway of his dormitory suite. Mark would use it to brainstorm with symbols and codes for software. In the words of one of his roommates, Dustin Moskovitz: “He really loved that whiteboard. He awlays wanted to draw out his ideas, even when that didn’t necessarily make them clearer.”

21. Mark Zuckerberg’s interest in programming developed when his parents gifted him the book C++ for Dummies.

22. Mark Zuckerberg has about 50 patents in his name. The first of which was issued in November 2004 for the technology behind the Synapse Media Player.

23. The number of people on who have Mark Zuckerberg on their Google+ circles is roughly half of the number of users who have subscribed to his status updates on Facebook.

24. His favorite musicians include Daft Punk, Lady Gaga, Shakira and Rihanna

How To Know When She’s Ready To Kiss You (And Eliminate Rejection)

You're about to learn, hands down, the best way to successfully get a girl to kiss you without fear

You’re about to learn, hands down, the best way to successfully get a girl to kiss you without fear

You’re about to learn, hands down, the best way to successfully get a girl to kiss you without fear of rejection. So if you’ve ever been afraid of getting rejected going for a kiss or you’ve gotten “the cheek”, you know why having a rock-solid technique to moving in for the kiss is 100% crucial.

Our biggest fear? Rejection. Going in for the kiss is the worst place to face rejection in an interaction with a girl.

1) You’ve invested a lot of time by this point in the interaction, and there simply isn’t enough time in your night to get this far and then hit a brick wall and have to move on.

2) Screwing up this part of the interaction can ruin all chances of moving on from here to seduction. Most guys don’t have the chance to learn how to perfect going for a kiss because it happens so infrequently!

Here is the best way to avoid failure and shortcut right to success. Sounds good?

‘The Kiss Technique’ makes it so that when you’re speaking to a woman, you can intentionally give off subconscious triggers that will make her think about kissing you! Pretty powerful stuff.

If you use this technique, suddenly making a woman want to kiss you will be something you have control over. If you decide to “wing it” in the stage like most guys, however, you’re going to run into problems… First, you won’t know how physically receptive she is to kissing you.

A tried and true rule to go by is this: Your hesitation = Her reservation. The more you hesitate, the worse your chances get, because she starts to build up all sorts of red flags and reservations. When you go to lean in for the kiss and you don’t do it the right way at the right time, you’ll come off as needy (like you don’t have a lot of options with women) because if you did have a lot of options, you wouldn’t be worrying about the kiss with this girl.

So how do we show that you are absolutely not needy (even if you kind of feel like you are) and provide a way so that you will not fear rejection because you will know for sure ahead of time that she is wanting to kiss you?

The so-called ‘Kiss Technique’ involves combining two psychological concepts into a perfect recipe for mastering the kiss. The first concept is called triangular gazing. This will happen while you have built rapport and are looking to move into seduction. It involves looking from one eye to another, then looking at her mouth. When you start looking at her mouth, you will subconsciously start to think about kissing her, because this action is already anchored to the thought of kissing someone. Even if you look at a woman you’re not attracted to and look at her mouth, you can start to think about kissing her, and you will become more attracted to her.

The good news is, the same happens for women. The even better news is, you can lead her to subconsciously start to do this and feel more attracted. How? By using the second half of the recipe, another psychological concept called Mirroring.

Whenever we are in conversation with someone, we will mirror the leader of the conversation in an attempt to build subconscious rapport with them.

When you perfectly combine triangular gazing and mirroring, you have a combination that will make her subconsciously think about kissing you.

After talking with her in rapport, start to look at her mouth. At first, only for 2 seconds, then look back to her eyes. Switch between her left and right eye, then back to her mouth for a few seconds longer. Continue to go from left to right eye and back to her mouth for 2 seconds, 3 seconds, then 5 seconds.

Eventually, you want to be mostly looking at her mouth. When she begins to look at your mouth as well, you know for sure that she’s ready to kiss you. Voila!

The Kiss Technique takes all of the guess work out of “making a move”. You will now know with confidence when she wants to kiss you, and get to be the fully assertive but perceptive man that women find irresistibly sexy. She will feel like you know exactly how to treat a woman and feel safe and confident moving on with you

Real Meanings Behind Typical Reasons For Break Ups

I’m just bad at relationships.”

Breaking up hurts, and, knowing this, people often come up with some typical ‘nice’ excuses to soften the blow when announcing the news. But what do these white lies truly mean?

“I’m just bad at relationships.”

If you stick to this one quite often, you might really believe it is true. If you don’t like someone “enough”, or if you don’t like them the way they liked you, you naturally conclude it is a flaw in yourself. You accept as an undisputed truth that you fail at relationships. Then, someone comes along who you actually want to make an effort toward and suddenly your ‘ingrained personality traits’ change. The person breaking up with you using this trope really believes they are telling you the truth, but honestly, they just didn’t feel strongly about you. They’ll suddenly be great at relationships when someone comes around who makes them want to be great. That person’s not you, and that’s okay. You can’t “fix” them. This one’s actually doing you a favor. Just move on from this mess. It’s something they need to come to terms with, and they’ll see the difference when they actually fall in love.

“It’s not you, it’s me.”

This is another one where the person might really believe they’re telling the truth. It’s a red herring. What they mean is, it’s both of you. They’re trying to protect your feelings by using a tired cliche, which is a nice try, but ultimately this leaves the dumped with more questions than answers. What someone really means when they say this is, “I don’t like you as much as I think probably someone should like you. You’re great but not for me.”

“I just need to focus on myself and my career right now.”

Don’t begrudge anyone their dream… but, in any case, this excuse is a lie. If you really like someone, you will make time for them. You would show up at their house after work and hobbies and meetings and other obligations at like 3 in the morning and you’ll be down to hang out. If you want to put your career first right now, totally, yes, you should do that. However, if you really think someone is worth it, you will make time for them. Busy people can have significant others. Consider that maybe you were more emotionally expressive and needy, which is not a judgment, and they are a bit more closed off and felt too much obligation. Being needy is not a bad thing, and for your own mental health, you want someone who wants to be around you just as much as you want to be around them, right? And this does unfortunately mean that the person didn’t really care about you enough.

“You’re too good for me.”

This one’s a red flag. All it means is, “I have very low self-esteem and like to sabotage things that are good for me”. If you’re in it to win it, stick this one out, but this person is probably trying to drop you because they hate themselves. Now, do you want to fight the good fight and try to be the one who makes them experience real love? Not really possible, sorry. Or do you know that the job of a significant other is not mold and fix their partner? Because when someone breaks up with you this way, you’ve got to decide if it’s your job to convince them otherwise. (Hint: it’s probably not.)

“I just think we’re better as friends.”

This one is actually true. This means the person really enjoys you but doesn’t have passionate romantic feelings for you. Sometimes friend love and boyfriend/girlfriend love can get confusing. The flip side to this is that they experimented at the expense of your feelings. They might be feeling super guilty about this fact and want to believe they are a “good person” who “wouldn’t do something like that.” They ask you to remain friends so they can feel better about hurting you. It’s selfish. If you’re not ready to just hop back on the buddy train, don’t pretend to be cool for their sake. Someone who uses this to break up is only thinking of themselves and how they perceive themselves as “nice.” If you don’t buy it, don’t coddle them. You’ll just end up crying in a bathroom after seeing them at a party with their new, hotter significant other

9 attributes an employer wants

1. Extreme Reliability: It is rare to find true consistency, a person who delivers regardless of circumstance. She follows through, keeps her word, and makes things happen without regard for immediate personal gain. You can trust her with the day-to-day details — and your business.

2. Natural Curiosity: No one should ever be done learning, yet most people seem allergic to new ideas, approaches, and perspectives. Naturally curious people don’t need to be “motivated” to learn or wait for “company training.” Lifelong learning creates unending relevance. It enables realizations, transformations, and value creation.

3. Grounded Positivity: Life is hard, but business is virtually impossible without positivity. True positivity is a resilient fortitude, only mildly tempered by reality. It is not a facade of happiness, but the deeply held belief that you can make a difference. As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t — you’re right.”

4. Uncompromising Excellence: “Good enough” is the enemy of great. It allows corners to be cut, excuses to be made, and opportunities to be lost. Excellence requires a frustrating amount of caring and an uncompromising approach. It also produces outrageous amounts of value. People who are committed to excellence create better products and services than their competitors — and, more importantly, than they did the day before.

5. Unlimited Versatility: No one can predict the future. Unforeseen circumstances constantly arise that require diverse sets of skills. Versatility means leaving your job description and comfort zone and doing whatever is needed to maximize value creation. People who say “That’s not my job” don’t have jobs for long.

6. Self-Awareness: Understanding your own thoughts, skills, emotions, and motivations is critical. Self-awareness aligns your strengths with organizational needs and helps you mitigate your weaknesses, creating a confidence that will inspire others. A strong self-identity is crucial, and the accompanying success-oriented outlook is contagious.

7. Quality Communicator: Speak clearly. Write concisely. It’s not complicated, yet it’s all but impossible for most. Quality communicators are transparent, yet tactful; eloquent, yet not condescending.

8. Philosophical Anchoring: Do you know you? Why do you make decisions? What is important? What makes you happy? If you don’t know, you either have to spend an exorbitant amount of time analyzing and deciding, or you’re consistently inconsistent. Either option is a bad one for you and your company.

9. Creative Problem Solving: Life is packed with problems. Do you attack each with creativity and zeal, or continuously follow well-worn paths created by hordes before you? Do you search for the best solution for you, regardless of how it’s panned out for — or been viewed by — others before you?

Life is a learning process. No one comes naturally endowed with the complete package, and rarely does someone achieve mastery of all these attributes (I certainly haven’t). Take aim at what you want to become, and consistently work hard to get better. Joy is in the toil

How to get a boyfriend NOW!

In the past I’ve said that when you want a relationship, you have to pursue that goal like it’s your job. Thinking about it more, I don’t think relationship status is the right goal. It’s not an objective with measurable, incremental steps, so it’s impossible to gauge whether you’re any closer to your goal from one month or year to the next. So many factors affect the outcome, some of which are out of your control. Your age, your social environment, your work environment, even the economy can have a large effect.

Of course, there are several factors that are within your direct control, and that’s where you should focus your strategy. What are your expectations? Are you selecting the most relationship-worthy men? Do you take the initiative to actively communicate your interest to guys you like, via flirting or attentiveness? All of this is an important part of paving the way to a meaningful relationship, but your results will be only as good as you are.

What do you have to offer? If you want a man to commit to you, you must be someone who is worthy of commitment. If he takes himself off the market, he is sacrificing the potential (or reality) of sexual variety. The harder you work on becoming an attractive and interesting person of good character, the better your chances of getting an excellent man to commit to you.

Be Attractive

You were born with a set of physical traits. That’s your basic canvas, and there is much you can do to brighten and enhance your appearance. Female beauty is really the array of fertility cues that men seek in a mate. They signal a woman’s reproductive capacity. A female mate’s attractiveness also has the potential to increase a male’s status among other males. According to evolutionary psychologists, here is what men look for when evaluating a woman’s attractiveness:

Youth (2.5 years younger is the age difference most preferred by males.)

Full lips

Clear, smooth skin

Clear eyes

Lustrous hair (much easier to assess when hair is long)

Good muscle tone

Body type: This varies by culture to some extent, but the ratio of waist size to hip size is one preference that is invariant. Healthy, reproductive women have a ratio between .67 and .80. The ratio is also an accurate indication of long-term health status.

There are also behavioral cues to youth and health that males prefer:

Bouncy, youthful gait

Animated facial expression

High energy level

Together, these traits comprise the ingredients of male standards for female beauty. Makeup, grooming and clothing are all designed to enhance male perception of these traits. Clownish, excessive makeup or immodest clothing detract from the male perception that a woman is a good long-term partner. Use only as much enhancement as you need to maximize your natural attributes.

Be a Person of Good Character

First and foremost, when seeking a long-term partner, be aware of the prevalence and immutability of the sexual double standard:

With the concealed ovulation of humans, men who married benefited by having greater reassurance of paternity. Before marrying men would need to feel assured that his wife would remain sexually faithful. Two preferences in a mate that could predict her faithfulness were premarital chastity and the quest for postmarital sexual loyalty. For this reason, “faithfulness and sexual loyalty” is the number one desirability trait (of 67) that American men prioritize for commitment. (Buss, 1994)

In other words, don’t be a slut. It dramatically reduces the number of guys who will consider you relationship material, much less marriage material.

In addition, all of us seek partners who are companionable. Here are the traits males generally seek in females when contemplating commitment (in no particular order):










Sense of humor






Emotional stability

Please note that the following traits are not on the list:

Hard to get





Loves to shop




Inspires jealousy






Attention seeker

Reality show addict

Yes, annoying psycho bitches do get guys. That doesn’t mean it’s a good strategy, as it is certain to shrink your pool of potential mates, and also decrease its quality. It’s worth spending some time thinking about these lists. We all have our faults, but I’ve known several young women whose personalities are defined by the second list. Don’t be that girl. Nobody will tolerate you, much less want you.

Know and Develop Your Purpose(s) in Life

This is something that is often overlooked. It speaks to Dogsquat’s comment about women who have a mission outside their relationship. You may be super passionate about one thing. If you are, you’re lucky. I always have had a bunch of different things I wanted to do and explore, which led to a lot of dabbling and perhaps less achievement. That doesn’t matter. It’s not about achievement in the world – men don’t care much about that when selecting a mate. (Of course, you might, which is fine, just know that it is not a male attraction cue.)

What’s important is how you feel about yourself, and whether that opinion is justified, or just narcissism. If you are truly worthy of your own respect, others will share it too.

We live in a time when Americans are raised to work extremely long hours, take minimal time off and juggle the responsibilities of work and family. It’s easy to lose one’s sense of purpose and growth, and with it all the curiosity that makes you a person who’s open to learning and engaging with the world around you.

I’m guilty of this myself. I used to be a real news junkie. I read several newspapers, always listened to NPR in the car, always watched CNN at the gym, and sat down for the evening news before starting dinner each night. Around a year ago, feeling pressured for time, I decided to give it up. No more news. I listened to books on tape in the car and at the gym. I took to having my morning coffee while checking blog comments. I delayed starting dinner till 7, working through the extra hour.

For quite a while, I could get by in conversations with my husband, friends and acquaintances, just going on the base of knowledge I’d already built up. Increasingly, I needed to use my husband as my source of news – rather than discuss things with him, I needed for him to tell me what was happening in the world. Finally, I became ignorant about almost everything.

Alito…Obamacare….June decision, What?

Trayvon Martin, Who?

I now find myself almost completely unable to converse intelligently about what’s happening in the world. During family dinners I am relegated to silence. My kids ask if anything is wrong. How could I let this happen? I’m boring!

This is just one small example, and easy to remedy – I can probably get up to speed in a couple of weeks of reading the paper. But it’s an illustration of how one can become a total dullard just by stopping paying attention and closing oneself off.

To arouse someone’s interest for the long haul, you need to be an interesting person. Do things. Learn stuff. Get out and meet new people. Have a mission in life.

1. Maximize your physical appeal.

2. Develop good character traits.

3. Pursue your passions.

Do these three things like they’re your job, because if you want to marry and have a family, then they are

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Why men fake orgasms ?

When we discuss the idea of faking an orgasm, it’s usually in the context of women

When we discuss the idea of faking an orgasm, it’s usually in the context of women

When we discuss the idea of faking an orgasm, it’s usually in the context of women. But according to a new book, Why Men Fake It: The Totally Unexpected Truth About Men and Sex, guys are pulling a Sally-at-the-diner-scene too, at least once in a while. Wait, is that even possible?

Via an interview with author Dr. Abraham Morgentaler, yep! (Although you’ll have to read his book to find out how they ummmm…fake the physical evidence.) And just how many of them have? There aren’t a lot of statistics on it, but at least one survey showed that 31 percent of men admitted to a fake one at least once. And Dr. Morgentaler is in the position to deal with a lot of men who have, as he’s been treating men with sexual problems for 25 years, which is how he came to realize that men faking orgasms was not only possible but not as uncommon as you might expect.

So, why do they do it? Dr. Morgentaler uses the idea of a fake orgasm as proof that guys are actually pretty considerate lovers who care much more about their partner’s satisfaction than their own. Much like you don’t want to make a guy feel bad if you couldn’t quite get there, a man feels the same way on an off night. Says Dr. Morgentaler:

“It turns out the reasons men fake it are actually pretty similar to the reasons that women fake it. In their minds — and we can argue whether or not it’s productive thing to do — but in their minds, it’s actually a form of kindness. They’re kind of letting the other person know that they’ve done a good job. In this particular case in the book, this guy had trouble having an orgasm during intercourse, but it had never bothered him before. He’s felt like a stud. The problem happened when he fell in love. Once he got his feelings involved, he became concerned that she was feeling bad about her own feminine charms and skills, and so to solve that for her he started to fake it.”

Good intentions don’t necessarily lead to the best of solutions when it comes to this kind of thing, but it is interesting to hear that what bothers a guy most about not being able to reach orgasm is how it might affect a partner, especially one he cares about. And while honestly is usually the better policy, I’m guessing most women would admit to feeling concerned and self-conscious if a guy didn’t orgasm during sex. Hence, an “I’ll have whathe’s having” moment.

Have you ever suspected your Man of faking? Or does it seem totally impossible to you?

15 dumbest sex myths and you believe most of them

Popular sex myths that are not even remotely true

Popular sex myths that are not even remotely true

Here are popular sex myths that are not even remotely true, along with the facts that should make you feel stupid if this is news to you.

SEX MYTH #1: Men enjoy sex more than women.

FACT: If you’re a man, and you believe this, then the truth is that women just don’t enjoy sex with you.

SEX MYTH #2: You can judge the size of a man’s package by the size of his feet.

FACT: There is no relationship between the size of a man’s feet and the size of his genital organs, or so says science.

SEX MYTH #3: Masturbation causes blindness.

FACT: If this were actually true, then no one in the entire world is reading this at this very moment.

SEX MYTH #4: You can get pregnant from kissing.

FACT: It’s okay to believe this myth if, like, you’re a little kid trying to work out the oftentimes disturbing details of the adult world. If you’re an adult and you believe this, then make sure you stuff a fistful of condoms in your mouth before sucking face.

SEX MYTH #5: You can catch an STD from the toilet.

FACT: Sexually transmitted diseases require moist environments to breed. The only thing you can catch from a toilet seat is “poo cooties.”

SEX MYTH #6: Men think about sex every seven seconds.

FACT: If men think about sex eight times a minute during a football game, then that changes what that sport is about entirely.

SEX MYTH #7: Women are incapable of having casual sex because they’re so emotional.

FACT: Your mom would beg to disagree.

SEX MYTH #8: It is possible to break a penis.

FACT: There is no actual “bone” in a “boner.” The penis can, however, tear. So feel free to scream out loud about that one. These men and women could scream out loud like it was their day job…or was it?

SEX MYTH #9: The average penis is eight inches.

FACT: The average size of a penis is six inches, or 15 centimeters if that makes you feel bigger.

SEX MYTH #10: Green M&M’s make you horny.

FACT: This is no more than a little green candy that looks like a pill. Not the prescribed little blue pill that some men eat like candy.

SEX MYTH #11: Sting had “tantric sex” for eight hours straight.

FACT: This is an urban myth. “Tantric sex” can last for hours, but it’s more a state of mind than a physical act. The average length of sex is three to seven minutes, or roughly the amount of time it takes to nuke and eat a Hot Pocket.

SEX MYTH #12: Hot tubs can prevent pregnancy.

FACT: Hot tubs only help facilitate pregnancy, especially during spring break.

SEX MYTH #13: Inbreeding causes mutant babies.

FACT: If sleeping with your cousin caused genetic mutations, then the 11 states where it is legal to marry your cousin would be overrun with octopus-lizard babies.

SEX MYTH #14: Drinking Mountain Dew decreases your sperm count.

FACT: The popular soft drink beverage increases your desire to participate in extreme sports.

SEX MYTH #15: “Blue balls” can be fatal.

FACT: Men can feel pain in their testicles after prolonged episodes of sexual arousal without sexual release. But if this was fatal, then prom night would be followed by mass funerals a few days later.

20 great quotes to get you through tough times

1. Tough times never last, but tough people do

1. Tough times never last, but tough people do

Every single one of us has been there. We’ve all been down in the dumps. We’ve all felt hopeless. We’ve all felt like all the hard work we’ve put in has been a waste of time and perhaps it’s all been for nothing. It’s at those times we might find our true character. It’s at those times we either strive to keep going or simply give up.

If you’re ever in a rut and life’s got you down just check out some of these amazing quotes that can help pull you through.

1. Tough times never last, but tough people do. – Robert H Schuller

2. The difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is how you use them. – Unknown

3. Never let your head hang down. Never give up and sit down and grieve. Find another way. And don’t pray when it rains if you don’t pray when the sun shines. -Leroy Satchel Paige

4. A problem is a chance for you to do your best. – Duke Ellington

5. I ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders. – Jewish Proverb

6. If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it. – Mary Engelbreit

7. When things are bad, we take comfort in the thought that they could always get worse. And when they are, we find hope in the thought that things are so bad they have to get better. – Malcolm S Forbes

8. Prosperity is a great teacher; adversity is a greater. Possession pampers the mind; privation trains and strengthens it. – William Hazlitt

9. Show me someone who has done something worthwhile, and I’ll show you someone who has overcome adversity. – Lou Holtz

10. I love those who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. ‘Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but they whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves their conduct, will pursue their principles unto death. – Thomas Paine

11. If you aren’t in over your head, how do you know how tall you are? – Unknown

12. The friend in my adversity I shall always cherish most. I can better trust those who helped to relieve the gloom of my dark hours than those who are so ready to enjoy with me the sunshine of my prosperity. – Ulysses S. Grant

13. The bravest sight in the world is to see a great man struggling against adversity. –Seneca

14. Adversity is a fact of life. It can’t be controlled. What we can control is how we react to it. – Unknown

15. The true test of a person character is how they stand during test of adversity – Unknown

16. The hardest struggle of all is to be something different from what the average man is. – Charles M Schwab

17. He knows not his own strength who hath not met adversity. – William Samuel Johnson

18. In times of great stress or adversity, it’s always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and your energy into something positive. – Lee Iacocca

19. Prosperity makes friends, adversity tries them. – Publilius Syrus

20. One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity. – Albert Schweitzer

5 steps to a flat tummy in 7 days

If you want to build muscle and burn fat at the same time, you have to perform circuit training

If you want to build muscle and burn fat at the same time, you have to perform circuit training

You’ve been missing your routine at the gym very often thanks to your busy schedule (or plain laziness) and suddenly you realize that in one week you have to attend a wedding…

You want to wear your favorite figure-hugging dress but are worried about your flabby stomach bulging out. Well, you still have a last option. While you cannot reduce fat, you can lose belly fat by decreasing your total body fat percentage. And you don’t have to completely alter your daily habits to get a flat stomach within 7 days!

Step one:

If you want to build muscle and burn fat at the same time, you have to perform circuit training, three days per week. How can you achieve this? Indulge in full body exercises like lunges, push-ups, and pull-ups, for one set of 15 repetitions. Don’t forget to follow every exercise with one minute of jumping rope. You should be able to burn around 500 to 600 calories per workout.

Step two:

You have to work on your abdominal muscles three times in the week. Crunches and leg raises for three sets of 20 repetitions should be done. Also, do planks by holding your body in a push-up position on your elbows for 30 to 60 seconds for four sets.

Step three:

The kind of food you will eat in this period is vital in bringing about any change. Natural foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grain breads and pastas, chicken, beef, fish and low fat dairy should replace processed foods full of sugar.

Step four:

To minimize water retention, lower your sodium intake. This means you need to avoid salt. You can flavor your food with other herbs and spices instead.

Step five:

Stressing and anxiety can cause the over-production of a certain hormone called cortisol, which encourages weight gain about the belly area. So try to keep your cool

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10 ways to boost your happiness

Life isn’t always perfect and we all get down sometimes

Life isn’t always perfect and we all get down sometimes

Life isn’t always perfect and we all get down sometimes. However, there are many things you can do to improve your cheerfulness no matter what comes your way. From instance happiness boosts to techniques for long-term contentment, here are 10 top ways to boost your happiness.

Happiness tip 1: Watch a comedy movie

We’ve all heard that laughter is the best medicine, and if you’re feeling down in the dumps then this is definitely true. Laughter can not only release pent-up emotions, but it also produces endorphins to boost your mood. Furthermore, research has found that laughing burns calories and boosts heart health too. To get your happiness levels up and boost your well being too, pop in a comedy DVD next time you’re feeling down.

Happiness tip 2: Eat yourself happy

While our outlook often changes based on external factors, if your mood is often low it may be that you are suffering from a nutrient deficiency. Research has found that having low levels of omega-3 fatty acids (which are essential for good brain health) increases risk of depression and negativity, while research by Kuopio University in Finland found that taking B vitamin supplements could help treat depression. Try choosing foods rich in these nutrients to eat away the blues.

Happiness tip 3: Get outdoors

Research has shown that low levels of vitamin D can contribute to mood disorders and depression. While vitamin D can be found in some foods or taken as supplement, one of the best sources of the mood-boosting vitamin is sunshine, which helps the body to create vitamin D. To boost your supplies of vitamin D, try to spend 10 to 15 minutes outdoors two to three times a week during the summer months.

Happiness tip 4: Have a workout

For an instant happiness boost when you’re feeling blue, try hitting the gym or heading out for a brisk walk or run. Exercise releases chemicals in the brain such as endorphins and anandamide which can boost your mood and leave you feeling great. Not only that, exercise is also good for boosting confidence levels and increasing self-esteem.

Happiness tip 5: Try aromatherapy

While many of us think of aromatherapy as an aid to relaxation, there are also many oils you can use to boost your happiness and help alleviate depression. Good aromatherapy oils to leave you uplifted include bergamot, geranium, neroli and jasmine. To lift your mood, try adding a few drops of these oils to water and burning on an oil burner, or create or purchase a room spray containing these essential oils.

Happiness tip 6: Take a risk

To get the endorphins going and give your confidence a boost, try challenging yourself on a regular basis. While we don’t advise you to put yourself in any danger, if there is something you have been putting off for a while out of fear, now is the time to bite the bullet and see it through. Whatever your fear – be it asking out that special someone, joining a gym or applying for a job abroad – conquering your fears will leave you feeling great as well as helping you achieve your dreams.

Happiness tip 7: Talk it out

If you are feeling seriously down and have been feeling low for a while, it is important to seek some help to get through this difficult phase. Seek out a friend or counsellor to listen to your problems, or visit your GP if you think you may be suffering from depression. No matter how bad you feel it is important to remember that you are not alone and there is no shame in seeking help. As they say, a problem shared is a problem halved, and even talking through your issues can help them seem less overwhelming.

Happiness tip 8: Schedule in regular treats

To boost your happiness and satisfaction of life, it is important to make the most of those little things that boost your mood. Make a list of the day-to-day things that make you happy – such as having a catch-up with a friend, drinking hot chocolate in bed, or listening to your favourite song –and make sure you schedule one of these treats into every day. Planning regular treats not only gives you something to look forward to, but it can also subtly improve each day.

Happiness tip 9: Do something selfless

It is easy to get bogged down in our own problems, so every once in a while it is good to put our issues to one side and help someone else feel happy instead. Whether you want to take on a long-term volunteering role, make a donation to charity, or improve the happiness of someone you know with a thoughtful note or gift, making an effort to make someone else smile is a great way to get some perspective, take your mind off your problems and increase your sense of purpose and fulfilment.

Happiness tip 10: Set yourself a goal

Whether you aspire to get fit, obtain that dream job or learn how to cook something other than toast, most of us have something we long to achieve during our lifetime. Rather than putting off your dreams until a perfect moment which may never come, take some positive action and make a plan of how you will achieve your goal starting today. Having something to work towards will not only distract you from your problems, it will also reignite your passion for life and increase your excitement for the future.

Dating: Defining a sense of shared purpose

Purpose for living involves discovering personal meaning for your life in order to define and accomplish life goals for yourself. Daily you might find yourself working towards your dreams to fulfill your sense of purpose for living. You have earnestly set your goals. You continually explore opportunities for personal growth and development. You know who you are, where you are headed in life and have a plan to get there. However, you cannot say the same about dating. You realize you do not have clarity of purpose when it comes to dating.

If this article speaks to you, it does not guarantee that you will discover the ideal person to date, but it will assist you on some level with defining a sense of shared purpose for dating. Just as purpose involves finding meaning for your life, shared purpose involves discovering shared meaning for dating. Dating generally becomes problematic for two people who do not have a shared sense of purpose beyond acquaintance and romance.

To begin having a sense of clarity about dating for purpose, start by asking the following questions of yourself:

What is your primary reason for dating a particular person?

Do you have a secondary reason for dating the person?

What do you believe the primary reason is that the person chooses to date you?

Do you believe there is a secondary reason the person chooses to date you?

Do you believe you both have a shared purpose for dating?

If so, what do you believe the shared purpose is?

Does your date believe you both share a purpose for dating?

What does your date believe the shared purpose is?

Now try this simple exercise. At a time and place you think appropriate, and where you will not be disturbed, follow the instructions below to help you clarify and reflect upon shared purpose with whomever you are dating.

Cut a sheet of paper into 20 pieces.

Evenly divide the pieces of paper between you.

Without discussing, separately come up with 5 topics (concrete tangible objects such as a dog, car, house, etc.) and 5 values (ideals or desirable qualities such as respect, education, spirituality, etc.) of importance to you. Use only one word for each topic and value. Write each topic and value on a piece of paper and fold afterwards. Do not share topics or values beforehand.

Exchange topics and values and take turns sharing what you each think about the other’s topic or value. Comment on each other’s topics and values and not your own.

Do not interrupt each other when sharing about a topic or value. Just listen and reflect on what the other person is saying. Listen with your heart and mind as well as with your ears. Refrain from becoming opinionated about each other’s responses and only ask questions at the end of each other’s responses to clarify comments you believe you did not hear correctly or failed to understand.

Once all topics and values have been shared, revisit questions 1 – 8 listed above and openly discuss answers to the questions and responses to the topics and values you are both comfortable discussing.

Be guided by the certainty of the answers you determine for yourselves and where you think dating is headed for you both, how it fits into plans you each may have about individual goals and whether together you have a shared vision for collaborating to accomplish each other’s goals with shared purpose.

Dating is a personal choice and preference for befriending and getting to know another person. Remember to date responsibly. Also keep in mind that shared purpose does not mean dominating or imposing your will on another person. Shared purpose freely involves sharing a sense of meaning together for individual and mutual accomplishment. When forces of will are not compatible, either person should be free to refrain from dating the other to maintain the integrity of your acquaintanceship. Here is wishing that you discover the one date that ultimately completes a shared sense of who you are with him or her for achieving meaningful purpose together for having met.

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8 body language signs that she is attracted to you

Non-verbal communication is much more effective than anything anyone can actually say to you

Non-verbal communication is much more effective than anything anyone can actually say to you

Non-verbal communication is much more effective than anything anyone can actually say to you. The problem most men have is the inability to read and understand the lost art of non-verbal communication. Women, when attracted to you, will emit signs of physical attraction, sometimes without even realizing they are doing so. You, my friend, must pay attention closely if you want to capitalize.

1. Eye Contact

Eye contact is extremely personal. The eyes tell all, and if you are lucky enough to grab her gaze and hold it for a prolonged period of time, she is definitely interested in you.

2. A Smile

When a woman smiles at you she is giving you an open invitation to come talk to her. This smile is her way of telling you, “I want to get to know you better. Come over to me.” Do not hesitate.

3. Watch Her Lips

One major physical sign of attraction from a woman is licking or a slight biting of her lips. This is a subtle sign of desire–do not ignore it. During intimacy the lips play an important role. Imagine her lips kissing your neck softly, or other areas of your body for that matter. When she licks her lips while staring at you she is telling you she is thinking these thoughts.

4. Look at Her Legs

While she is looking at you, you need to keep an eyes on her legs. Is she crossing them and uncrossing them while adjusting her skirt? Remember, between her legs is her groin. This is definitely a physical sign of attraction from her to you.

5. Sitting Close to You

If a woman moves closer to you, leans into you and begins whispering her thoughts into your ear, you know she has more than friendship on her mind. She wants to take things to the next level–a physical level. Mirror her actions if you want to keep her attention on you.

6. Touch

When a woman begins caressing your hand, your shoulders or even the sides of your face, she is trying to tell you she wants to touch you in more intimate ways. She may even begin touching herself. If she begins touching her own neck or arm in a provocative manner, she is attempting to get it through your head that she wants you to touch her intimately.

7. Playing With Her Hair

Women use their hair as a way of seduction. She may throw it around, twirl it or fondle it. This are all ways of telling you that she is completely into you and wants to take it to a much deeper, physical level. Do not let her get away. Take a bite out of crime.

8. She Talks Sexually

There is no greater sign of physical attraction from a woman than when she begins talking about what turns her on sexually. This is a defining moment for you, and if you ignore *this* sign, all hope is lost.

Reading signs of physical attraction from a woman is not as difficult as you think. Women are predictable, and the signs they emit are basically the same. If you receive at least four or five of the above, you know she wants you.

Women are predictable, and the signs they emit are basically the same

Women are predictable, and the signs they emit are basically the same

5 signs you are her back-up guy

The following 5 signs are all giveaways that you’ve fallen into the “backup guy” trap. With a quick perusal of the list below, you should be in a good position to decipher when to continue your pursuit and when to walk away with your dignity intact.

We define the “backup guy” as a guy who is more than a friend, but less than a boyfriend. He’s the safe, terrifically nice guy who’s always surrounded by women that complain to him about the cold-hearted losers they’re dating. He’s the boyfriend substitute women call upon when all other options vanish. He’s always surrounded by women who want to date someone just like him– except they won’t date him, for whatever reason.

The following 5 signs are all giveaways that you’ve fallen into the “backup guy” trap. With a quick perusal of the list below, you should be in a good position to decipher when to continue your pursuit and when to walk away with your dignity intact.

1. She rarely return your calls

If a girl is attracted to you, she should be calling you at least once for every three times you call her. However, if you don’t hear from her for weeks or months at a time, and all of a sudden she wants to hang out, take it as she’s just bored or is between boyfriends and there’s no one else to call.

2. She regularly cancels at the last minute

It is certainly fair to cancel plans occasionally for a legitimate reason, but if she flakes on you consistently and doesn’t try to be flexible with her schedule to free up time for you, it shows that she holds little respect for you at and that she doesn’t want to commit in case something better comes up.

3. She teases you along with the simple intention of keeping you around She romantically teases you along with things like “accidental” kisses with the simple intention of keeping you around so you’ll always be there to rescue her. She even allows you to sleep in her bed so she can talk to you all night long about her feelings.

4. She tells you what a great boyfriend you’d be… for some lucky girl this is basically like saying “you have all the qualities I’m supposed to want in a guy, but for some reason I find you sexually repulsive.”

5. She talks about other guys while you are with her she asks you for advice about different men
she’s attracted to and constantly tells you about all her problems with them. When a woman you’re interested in becomes comfortable enough to openly talk to you about all her problems with other men and asks you for advice about the guys she’s attracted to, she doesn’t see you as a potential lover–You’re in the FRIEND ZONE

10 Things You Shouldn’t Do While Having Sex (18+)

Making love should be a great time for you and your lover.

Making love should be a great time for you and your lover.

Making love should be a great time for you and your lover.

However, the excitement can quickly disappear if things are done wrong. Here’s a list of things never to do when you and your partner are doing the dance:

1. NEVER answer your phone: Whoever is calling you during bedroom time can wait.

2. NEVER call another person’s name: Calling an ex’s name in a moment of passion while doing the deed with someone else is a definite no-no.

3. NO acrobatics: Changing positions every 5 seconds, is just wrong.

4.NEVER shy away from kissing: No kissing makes your partner feel like you don’t really care about them and you’re only interested in the do.

5.NO Blood: There should be no bleeding, of any kind. This is a guaranteed mood killer.

6.DON’T fake it: Don’t pretend to have a climax. Your act might not be as convincing as you think.

7.DON’T lie: If you pretend to love missionary because you know your lady loves missionary, it won’t work out well. Find positions you both like, and work with that.

8.DON’T be silent: Let it show that you like what’s happening. Don’t be a chatterbox but don’t lie there like a block of wood either

9.NO comparing: Don’t force your partner to do certain things because your ex always did them and you liked it.

10.NO farting!!!: For God’s sake, no farting! It’s just disgusting!

Avoid these things for a great time in bed for you and your partner. Please share your suggestions in the comment box.

10 Lame Excuses People Use to Stay in Bad Relationships

When you're in a bad relationship and feel like it's time to get out, you usually know

When you’re in a bad relationship and feel like it’s time to get out, you usually know

When you’re in a bad relationship and feel like it’s time to get out, you usually know it. Deep, deep down, you know it. You lie awake at night, wondering what it will take to make you get out. But then you come up with a bunch of excuses. And they’re usually pretty lame ones. We’re not talking about the BIG reasons, like you have a child together or can’t afford to live on your own with your kid. We’re talking about the excuses that you can keep going for years… but that when you finally get out, you’ll look back and can’t even remember what silly reasons you came up with for staying so long.

Here’s 10 lame excuses people use to stay in bad relationships.

Holidays. Holidays are always a great excuse to stay in a bad relationship. But it’s almost New Year’s Eve. I can’t be alone on New Year’s Eve! But it’s almost my birthday. I want that new coat he promised me! But there’s hardly a month that goes by without some sort of holiday.

Your single friends. All of them complain about being single so relentlessly that you figure it’s probably better to be in a bad relationship than to be single and complaining about guys you hardly know.

Your coupled friends. They, too, complain about their relationships. Hey, if everyone is complaining, then being in a bad relationship is normal, right? Wrong.

Your pet. While a child might be a genuine sticking point to breaking up, there are people who drag on a bad relationship for years because neither could bear the thought of who would get the dog. C’mon, people, you can share custody of a dog pretty easily.

Sex. The rest of the relationship may be hell, but the sex is still pretty good, so you stick around for that.

The rent. So many people stay together so they can continue to split the rent and utilities. This is probably a somewhat better excuse than most, but still, a bad relationship can drain you to the point where your psyche is seriously going to suffer not only now but long into the future. Better to look into roommates.

Not a good time. Whether it’s a holiday or birthday or you just got laid off or his parents are sick or yours are or whatever else is going on, it’s just not a good time. In reality, life is always going be throwing something at you. Rare is the time when absolutely everything is going your way. There’s never a good time for a break-up.

He’s too nice. You know it’s all wrong and you don’t want to have a future with this person, but since he hasn’t done anything awful you feel like you don’t have the “right” to break up with him. If you’re not feeling it, and it’s not just because you have unrealistic expectations, then you have the right to break up with someone, even if he’s “nice.” If you don’t, you’re liable to start an affair just so you can get out. Better to go with some dignity.

There’s probably no one better out there. Maybe not. That’s not the point. The point is that you’re miserable. Better to be alone and content than coupled up and unhappy.

You don’t like confrontation. Oh, boy, this one could go on for ages. It’s not fair to the other person to stay in a relationship you don’t want just because you don’t want to make anyone upset. You’ll make the person upset eventually because you’ll do something to sabotage the relationship and hope your partner decides to leave. Why not do it while you can still look your significant other in the eye and be kind but honest? He or she deserves that.

Have you ever used a lame excuse that kept you in a relationship?

Top 10 Qualities Men Are Secretly Looking For In A Girlfriend

What makes the perfect girlfriend? Is she the girl next door with gorgeous good looks

What makes the perfect girlfriend? Is she the girl next door with gorgeous good looks

What makes the perfect girlfriend? Is she the girl next door with gorgeous good looks and an impressive bosom? Well, not exactly. Contrary to what you might think, most guys aren’t looking for a supermodel. They’re just looking for their perfect match: a woman who’s down-to-earth, sweet and sensitive to his needs.

Here are ten attractive traits that every man keeps in mind when deciding if the woman (ie. you) sitting across the dinner table from him at that first date is girlfriend material.

1. Confidence Take it from the guys, nothing is sexier than a woman who’s comfortable in her own skin. If you’re guilty of meekly asking lines like: “Does this skirt make my thighs look fat?” … stop asking. If you’re constantly needing his reassurance that you’re beautiful, he may start asking questions himself.

2. Intelligence Acting like a bimbo loses it’s novelty to men after high school. What men want in a girlfriend is a woman who can stand as his equal. So be the smart, savvy woman you are! To him, it’s a total turn-on.

3. Unmaterialistic Yes, he wants to be your knight in shining armor. And yes, he wants to treat you like the princess you are … but that doesn’t give you license to act like one. Allow him the luxury of treating you with romantic dinners and surprise baubles without having to demand them of him. He’ll be relieved that he doesn’t have to try so hard and surprisingly, this will inspire him to rise to the occasion when he doesn’t have to dedicate his whole paycheck to lavish tokens of his love for you.

4. Spontaneity One of the first things to go in a relationship is the spontaneity. You get stuck in your Friday night dinner dates and you lose that spark you had when you first started dating each other. Don’t lose it! Men love a woman who can do things spur-of-the-moment.

5. Laid-Back What’s one of the best things you can do for your relationship with him? Relax. Just relax. When you come home from a long, hard day at work and see those dishes piling up in the sink, we know you have the urge to lash out at him. Instead, try to let it go for the night. No man likes a nag and every man likes a woman who can let her hair down and doesn’t sweat the small stuff. A relationship is solid when you’re able to relax with each other.

6. Playfulness Guys like a girl who laugh at their jokes, but isn’t mindless and isn’t always serious about everything. Just as we mentioned that men like a woman who can forgo nagging him about the dishes, they like a woman who can joke about the dishes too. Biting remarks and snappy comebacks are just the witty repartee to keep the spark between you in your relationship. And hey, isn’t laughter the best aphrodisiac?

7. Sensuality We’ve already mentioned before that it’s not all about your looks (albeit, that’s a good motivator for some men) – it’s more about an air of sexiness and confidence that will draw his eyes to you when you enter the room. Embrace your femininity.

8. Honesty If he can’t trust you – how can he ever see you as his girlfriend … and eventual spouse? Keep things open and honest in your relationship. A little white lie over flirty texts with an old guy friend from college can spiral out of control very quickly into a full-blown fight … and breakup.

9. Independence Dating a driven, passionate woman? So hot. Babysitting a stage five clinger? Not so much. No man wants a girlfriend they have to reassuringly text, call or visit every five minutes. Learn to give your guy his space – or he may break up with you to get it.

10. Supportive As clichéd as it is, some men want to be caretakers… but even the strongest of men want a soft place to fall. He wants to know that you’ll support him and stand by him in his life choices, whether it’s changing careers or moving to a new city. Show your support in small gestures with a quick “I love you” text when he heads off for his morning commute and listen to him after a hard day’s work. Be supportive – but not suffocating. The last thing you want is to remind him too much of his mother

How To Win Your Next Breakup

We all know that breakups can be brutal

We all know that breakups can be brutal

We all know that breakups can be brutal, and since my own messy inauguration into the world of the heartbroken, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to learn the best (and worst) ways to deal with the end of a relationship. The most important thing to keep in mind is that it is a contest, so what follows are some tips on how to win your next breakup. These are generally written for the dumped rather than the dumper, who, while not immune from the sads, has a huge advantage. Good luck!

1. Embrace the pain. For one week.

You can’t think about anything other than how totally unfair it is she dumped you right after she got that job (like, right after, even though you were her shoulder to cry on after multiple rejections, and built up her self-confidence!).

Your pain is universal and understandable. Your friends told you to dump her months ago when you drank too much wine at dinner and told them how often you had sex (never).

But still, you’re sad, so for the first week, go on that liquid diet, listen to some blues music on repeat, and cry until your eyes are swollen. Draw the shades and chain-smoke, but after seven days, you need to put on some pants and leave the house.

2. Rebound.

The idea of sleeping with anyone but your ex probably makes you feel nauseous, but… find yourself a rebound. The purpose of a rebound is not to foster human connection or even to have good sex: it’s to remind yourself that you can still get laid. And you can!

You probably haven’t been eating since he packed up his half of his tableware, so chances are, you’re in tip-top shape for getting laid.

Once you locate your rebound, do not, under any circumstances, think of him or her as a potential replacement for your ex. Falling into a new relationship right away is like treating a hangover with the-hair-of-the-dog: the shakes might go away for the moment, but you’re going to have to deal with the dehydration eventfully. Rebound and move on.

3. Beware of Facebook.

There is no crying on Facebook.

Facebook’s purpose is to break up your workday, normalize stalking, and inform you who is going to vegan brunch so you can avoid that awkward one-night who looks at you like you put tap water in her fish tank when really all you did was never call.

Facebook is for laughs, not emotions – and let’s be real, you’re going through a break-up, feeling good is rare these days – but do you really want your coworkers, high school friends, and (even worse) your ex knowing that you turned his favorite t-shirt into a pillowcase just so you can smell his cologne while you sleep?

A public platform for your heartache is tempting because it’s all you can think about, but if you want to win this break-up, you must resist high drama and emotional over-sharing. No one likes that and certainly no one “likes” that. Change your relationship status and then continue as though nothing has changed.

Speaking of Facebook, it’s going to take an immense amount of willpower to avoid looking at your ex’s page. As someone without willpower, I recommend blocking him or her. While you might want him to see your life-affirming status update, do you really want to see him tagged at brunch with some girl you’ve never heard of? No, you don’t.

4. Do the things you want your ex to think you are doing.

Get your ass to yoga. Yes, yogis can be notoriously self-righteous about their chakras and menstruating in sync with the full moon, but no one has ever regretted finishing a yoga class. You might hate every second until the final resting pose, but afterwards, you’ll be glad you put down the box of wine and put on your stretch pants. And maybe the next time you to run into your ex, it’ll be after an hour downward-dogging your way to psychic balance and tight abs. When he sees how good you look, he’s going to feel bad, and that’s the goal, isn’t it?

5. Give it time.

The bad news about time is that it leads to hair loss, muscle degradation, the gradual waning of your sex life, and ultimately death. The good news is that it makes the poignant hurt of breakups temporary.

In the beginning, you’ll think about it before you open your eyes in the morning. You may wake up crying. But after the first week, you’ll be in the shower before you remember that you’re miserable. And after another week, you’ll be on your second cup of coffee before you think about it.

Eventually, whole afternoons will pass when you aren’t wondering about your ex at all. And someday, maybe a few years down the road, you’ll have to look at pictures to remember just how one side of her smile was always a little bit higher than the other. You’ll forget her smell, her voice, the way she looked at you in the beginning, and even how very devastated you were when it all ended. You’ll start new relationships and those too will end, and you’ll have more break-ups to win and lose.

Eventually, hopefully, you’ll find the one that lasts, and everyone else, even the girl you are sobbing into your mug full of red wine about right now, will be just be a memory.

In the meantime, try to keep a low profile – don’t perform confessional performance art, show up at his new girlfriend’s house, or be the guy who cries at parties. Just make some tea, breathe deeply, and be glad that every second that passes brings you one step closer to new beginnings.

Big thanks to Katie Herzog for the tips. SlausonBoi 2uti says thanks!!!