Nigerian Lady Shares Her True Life Experience Of Having Séx Severally With Her Blood Brother & Uncle!

A lot of us have slept with our brother/sister while growing up. For me, I was disvirgined at the age of 5 by my uncle. After that, I started sleeping with my brother cause of the urge and when my uncle left for secondary school, I slept with my brother till I was in SS1 (when I realised that what I was doing is wrong). Though then, my brother would still make moves trying to seduce me – for example he walks around the house with his manhood erect or saying words like “if you want us to do it I am ready”. He is now a séx addict and carries ashawo and gals around. I know it’s all my fault and don’t know how to help him. I also spoke to him that I know what I did is wrong but I have asked the Lord to forgive me and help my brother too.

This happens in homes mostly where the parents are not always around. I want to have kids too and I don’t want the same thing happening to them. Please help me prevent and control this. I know I am not the only child this is happening to, it was common in the 1980’s and 1990’s cos some parents use maids and relatives to take care of their kids and the “helpers” use the kids as sex experiment. Please don’t insult me or anyone because a lot of us may claim it didn’t happen to them since we are online.

But how can we prevent this generation from suffering the same thing?

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5 Reasons Why Every Nigerian Woman Should Own a S#x Toy!

I was 18 the first time I really discovered the power of getting myself off. Prior to that, I would adamantly report that “it’s not
my job” when friends and I would talk about it. That’s a saying you should never say at work and should certainly never be said in regards to your body. If it’s not your job, then whose job is it?! No one is going to know exactly what you like and teach it to you, that’s on you. If you haven’t been a regular practitioner of getting yourself off, the best way is by getting a sex toy or two.

And here are five reasons why:

1. Using a sex toy to get yourself off can first and foremost give you better knowledge and understanding of your body. You can’t begin to tell someone else what you like in bed if you aren’t sure yourself. Taking the time to really explore who you are and what you like is an investment that will give you a full return. With this knowledge, you can help ensure that you get off every time, or at least almost every time.
2. You know how your first workout after a break from the gym is extremely hard? Over time, working out becomes easier and easier, making you able to work out longer and the experience more enjoyable. The same applies for your orgasm. The more orgasms you give yourself, the easier it will be to achieve them with yourself and others. Spend some more time with yourself if you’re someone who needs a lot of time to get there. You eventually find that it takes less time, less effort and can even last longer and be more enjoyable.
3. A lot of us have probably had a time in our life when we went out and made a few decisions after a break-up or a major life change that we later regretted. I let it happen when I was younger, but now when the single fever latches on, I head to my top drawer instead. Instead of suffering through a dozen bad
OKCupid dates, take care of yourself! It’s much easier, less messy and requires a lot less effort.
4. Have you heard that saying “use it or lose it”? Well, it kind of patterns to your libido. Do you find that the less you have sex, the less you want it? Maybe not in the initial absence, but after
awhile, especially if you’re coupled up, you might suddenly find yourself indifferent about it. Suddenly, TV sounds better than sex! It’s something you never thought you would think, but here you are in your sweatpants and watching crime dramas instead of getting it on. The easiest way to bring your libido back is to jump start it. Make an effort to get yourself off, even when you’re the least bit turned on. Eventually you’ll find that your libido has returned.
5. And finally, getting yourself off is a great way to relieve a headache, reduce stress, lower pain levels, make sleeping easier and even burn a few extra calories. So next time you’re not feeling so hot, skip the nap and go for your favourite vibrator. You’ll find that the endorphins you release during orgasm will instantly make you feel better.

If this ain’t enough reasons to show yourself a little love, do it because it’s fun! Make 2014 the year that you get off often!
Written by Victoria Beth

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