5 Ways To Deal With A Womanizing Boyfriend

Do you think that your boyfriend is crossing the line of healthy flirting with other women? Just because he was popular with women before he met you, does not mean that he has the right to carry the same habits once he is in a relationship with you.

​Here are some effective ways to deal with the womanizing behavior of your boyfriend.

1. Identify specific instances of his womanizing behavior

You will never be able to prove your point unless you confront your boyfriend with proof about specific instances of his womanizing ways. The best way to confront him is to keep a note of all the times you noticed his womanizing ways. When you confront him, list out these specific examples so that you have enough substance to accuse him of being a womanizer.

2. Give him a warning when you confront him

There is no point in confronting your boyfriend if you don’t give him a stern warning for his womanizing ways. Let it be very clear to him that you are well aware of his behavior and you will not tolerate with any of it. You can give him an ultimatum and warn him that you might consider breaking up the relationship if he does not stop being a womanizer. Let him know that you are insecure and feel he doesn’t love you as much as you think you love him. If he actually loves you, he will stop womanizing.

3. Flirt with someone to give him a taste of his own medicine

If talking to your boyfriend calmly and having a conversation with him does not work, try to make him realize how bad you feel by flirting with someone in front of him. Set up a situation where you can flirt with a guy when your boyfriend is with you. When he confronts you about your behavior, Means he loves you and is jealous, just tell him that this is exactly how you feel when he flirts with other women. Being at the receiving end of the pain and hurt may open his eyes and make him stop being a womanizer. But if he doing that and he doesn’t feel moved and jealous in anyway, then just know you are among his bandwagon of side chicks and he doesn’t consider you his girlfriend or love you in anyway. Note: SlausonBoi speaking from experience, I was once a womanizer….been there, done that *winks

4. Walk away and pretend you want to break up if he breaks his promise twice

If you find that your boyfriend is still showing signs of being a womanizer even after you served him a warning, pretend that you are thinking of breaking up with him. Do this only if he is actually remorseful of his behavior and pleads for another chance. Use this trump card very carefully because it can create two situations. Either he will do everything he can to stop being a womanizer and prove his love for you, or he will assume that you have seriously broken up with him and he might never look back.

5. Give him one last chance and be ready to call off the relationship if he does it the third time

The is the time when you have no other choice but to make a life changing decision, whether you want to break up with your boyfriend if he does not stop his flirty behavior. If you decide that you have had enough, give him one final chance to mend his ways. Be ready to call it quits in your relationship if the results do not work in your favor, because if he still womanizes it means you mean nothing to him and he can’t change because of you. You should know that there is no looking back after you give him a last chance. If you take him back even after your ultimatum, he might take you for granted and continue being a womanizer.

I wrote this article because of the emails I get from some girls I don’t even know and their complaints about how awful they are been treated by their boyfriends and I assure you that I wrote this article from my experience of being a flirty dude till I really found someone I loved and really had to change because of her because I felt I needed not to hurt her feelings because she gave me her all and I had no alternative than to change. If the man you love truly loves you back he is going to change just to make sure you are happy #SlausonBoi

I hope this article helps you. You can mail me: excelayuk@yahoo.com for GnC. Please include your Name, Country and state of residence if not you won’t get a reply. Thank you!


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