Meet Lisa Sparks: Woman With The Record of Sleeping With 919 Men in 24Hrs(see photo)

The World Record of most partnérs in a day is held by an American lady Lisa Spárks.

She sharéd béd with 919 mén in less than 24 hours….

This amazing World Record was accomplished on October 16, 2004 in Warsaw, Poland during the Third Annual World G.B Championship. The competition was between Lisa Spárks and two other womén. One of them was the previous record-holder, who smashéd only 759 mén in a day.In addition to referees, six cameras were used to carefully record the event!


Rapper Turned Singer T-Pain, Says He’s Not Going To Try Buying A Gift For North

Auto-tune specialist T-Pain  has strangely come out of the blue to say there is now way he is getting a gift for the newest

Hollywood baby – North West. T-Pain’s reason for this is as honest as anybody can get, he says;

“Kanye is much richer than me so I’m not even going to try [getting him and Kim Kardashian a gift],” T-Pain admitted to Us Weekly. “Kanye has no couth when it comes to things like that, so when you bring him something, he’d be like, ‘What the f–k is this?’”

“You don’t want to be that person because he’ll make a big scene about that,” he explained.

 “You don’t want that.”Good music CEO Kanye West and fiancee Kim Kardashian welcomed their baby North on the 15th of June,  strangely five weeks ahead of her expected July due date.

EXPOSED: Davido Slept With Married Mother Of Three Kids In Italy 

The excitément and thrill of hanging out with a celebrity has driven a married woman and a mother of three, Joyce Osifo into the hands of the known David Adedeji Adeleke popularly known as Davido on the 16th of June during a concert in Napel. Presently, Davido is on euro tour and according to NCN source, Davido knew Joyce through her brother who opened stage before him.

Davido came on stage late in the morning, 17th of June, sang few songs and left.

Meanwhile sources revealed that the Omo oba was in his 

hotel rocking his time with the mother of three who is desperate to come to the limelight through her upcoming show “Miss Black Beauty Italy”. Joyce has three children within the age range of 10, 8 and 6 and she is said to be married.

Most Nigerians girls who are married to white men are said to be sléeping around with young black men and sometimes pay them to get laid. Since this is the known tradition, Joyce Osifo added this to her zeal to be out and maybe get Davido to assist in the sponsorship of her event.

Let us talk below jor. Joyce is beautiful and there is no way Davido could remove his eyes from her. What was Davido thinking or the mother of three? Just wondering why Davido posted on his istagram that ITALY WAS CRAZY.

What really made it crazy?

Is Davido helping Joyce with his upcoming event or a promise to….??

We Bet You Didn’t Know This: Most interesting posts about the world. From illegal chewing gum in Singapore to the adoption of full-grown men in Japan, you’re bound to learn something

There are countless new things for us to learn every day. We’ve collected and compiled some of the most interesting posts about the world. From illegal chewing gum in Singapore to the adoption of full-grown men in Japan, you’re bound to learn something, too. We promise.

1. Ethiopian girl was kidnapped and beaten until a pride of lions chased her attackers off, then the lions stayed and defended her until help could arrive.

Who says dogs are more loyal than cats? In Ethiopia, a group of men chased and beat a 12-year-old girl, trying to force her into marriage. But a group of lions scared the men off and then stayed by the girl’s side until her family found her a few days later. Experts say the girl’s crying may have sounded to the lions like the meow of a young cub. But locals say it’s a miracle as the lions are often considered a serious threat to locals.

2. Buying or selling chewing gum is illegal in Singapore.

If you’re in Singapore hoping to buy some chewing gum after your coffee or lunch break, you’re out of luck. The sale of chewing gum is forbidden in the country. The only reason gum can be imported is if it’s for export elsewhere. This law came to be after officials apparently noticed copious amounts of discarded gum on sidewalks and streets. If you’ve got gum, you can chew it, but be discreet. If you’re not spitting it out in a trash can, beware: great fines will apply.

3. Chad and Romania have identical flags, as do Indonesia and Monaco.

Citizens in Chad and Romania may face a national identity crisis when they realize their flags are exactly the same. It’s true; each features a blue, yellow and red stripe, running from left to right. Those in Indonesia and Monaco are in the same position. Their flags are also identical, with a red half on top of a white half. But honestly with 196 countries in the world, there are only so many color and pattern combinations left to choose from.

4. 90% of all adoptions in Japan are adult adoptions, mostly men in their 20-30s.

Forget cute babies. Why go through all of the hassle of raising a child when you can just adopt the end product – a well-adjusted man in his 20s or 30s? In Japan, that’s precisely what’s happening with 90 percent of adoptions. Why? Families are adopting full-grown men to ensure heirs to their companies if they lack a son of their own or don’t trust him to carry on the business.

5. Korea’s demilitarized zone is one of the world’s most abundant and well-preserved natural reserves.

If there’s any group that thrives on conflict between North and South Korea, it’s the wildlife. A de facto nature reserve has grown in the de-militarized zone between the two nations, and either war or peace could disrupt that balance, experts say. The zone houses several rare species native to the region, including rodents, birds and deer. War would obviously devastate the region, but peace would also mean the taking-over of invaluable wetlands, proving equally damning to the animals there.

6. Every house in Bermuda produces its own water supply by using rain-catching roofs.

No need for a Brita filters in Bermuda. Houses there have their own water supply via a rain collection apparatus on the roof that sends the water through a filtration system, rendering it drinkable. The regulations for this kind of water conservation even exists in their Public Health Regulations.

7. Between Egypt and Sudan, there is a strip of land that neither country will claim. It is one of the few unclaimed regions on earth.

There’s a strip of unclaimed land between Egypt and Sudan. In reality, the two just can’t seem to agree on whose border is whose.

8. Bahrain’s government banned Google Earth because it allowed Bahraini citizens to see discrepancies between rich and poor areas.

Did Google Earth cause the uprising in Bahrain? When Bahrain gained access to Google Earth in 2006, citizens could for the first time see the huge discrepancy between the ultra-rich and the majority of the population, via massive mansions on expansive compounds, next to the slums of normal citizens. The government tried to block access almost immediately, but it was too late. As the article puts it, “The people had seen the inequality.”

9. When Fiat discovered a Google’s street view car was mapping Sodertalje, Sweden, they sent a Fiat to tail it for 30 miles to prank Volkswagen’s headquarters.

Fiat is taking competition to a whole new level in Sweden. When a Google Street Views car was noticed in Sodertalje, Sweden, Fiat tailed the car for 30 miles so the car could be parked in front of the Volkswagen headquarters just before the Google photo was taken. They say any press is good press, except, in this case, maybe for Volkswagen, which will indefinitely be on Google Earth with a Fiat out front.

10. Italian banks accept parmesan cheese as collateral for loans.

Most people love a good parmesan cheese, but in Italy, it’s quite literally worth its weight in gold. An Italian bank accepts Parmigiano Reggiano as collateral in place of money, and they even have a vault dedicated to the cheese. It’s no joke; the cheese vault is so valuable it’s been robbed three times. The reasoning for this transaction is that cheese takes several years to mature, but the cheese producers need money in the meantime. So they put their cheese on lay away, are given a cheap loan, and then get the cheese back when it’s ready and pay the bank back. If they can’t pay, then the bank has the cheese to sell.

11. The Netherlands is planning to construct glow-in-the-dark roads.

It’s going to help highlight road features in the Netherlands, like the white lines marking lanes. A special paint has been designed for the roads that will remain illuminated for up to 10 hours after night falls. Special weather features like snowflakes will also be painted onto the road, and when the temperature falls below a certain point, those features will illuminate. Planners are hoping that this paint will help improve road safety and awareness of weather conditions.

12. In Switzerland it’s LEGAL to download any copyrighted material.

The Pirate Party in Switzerland is more interested in internet rights than swashbuckling. These pirates want to be allowed to download free content from the internet and, due to a recent decision to uphold current laws, they can. In Switzerland, downloading copyrighted material is free and legal, be it movies, music or software. One sticking point is that you can download the material, but you can’t upload it, or offer up new content for download. The Swiss also argue that legal downloading is fine because that money for the artists just goes other places, such as toward concerts or merchandise.

13. Tribes in the Amazon are using Google Earth to map their lands and fight illegal mining.

Amazonian Indians are using Google Earth and GPS to track deforestation in the Amazon, mostly by illegal miners. The Amazon Conservation Team (ACT) is training them to use this technology, helping them fight off encroachment of their dwindling home. Google Earth gives the Indians a birdseye view to track new mines or hidden air strips that can be impossible to find on the ground given the vastness of the Amazon. They’re also mapping much of the Amazon in detail, including the marking of sacred historical or mythological sites.

2013 BET Awards Winners List

The 2013 BET AWARDS was held last night at the Nokia Theatre L.A. (Los Angeles) And here is a list of the winners



Chris Tucker hosts the 2013 BET Awards live from the Nokia Theatre in L.A. on Sunday.

Gossip Cop has full coverage of the festivities!

And the winners are…






Kendrick Lamar


Gabrielle Douglas


Mary Mary


LeBron James


Gabrielle Douglas


Jamie Foxx


Nicki Minaj


Kendrick Lamar


Charlie Wilson


A$AP Rocky f/ Drake, 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar, “Problems”


Dwayne Wade


Chris Brown


Drake, “Started From The Bottom”


Think Like A Man


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis


Tamar Braxton, “Love & War”


Drake, “Started From The Bottom”


Benny Boom


Kerry Washington


Ice Prince (Nigeria)


Emeli Sande

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