7 Ways To Lose A Guy Forever

Most women want the special man in their lives to be there forever. But if you’re looking for guaranteed ways to send a man away for good, find out here. 1, Don’t respect him.

There are few things that can send a man away faster than disrespect. Even if he deserves your respect, don’t give it to him. Don’t value him. Don’t listen. Don’t consider his priorities or concerns. Make sure he feels your life would be much better if he weren’t in it. 2, Complain about him.

Most men look to the women in their lives to build their self esteem and their ego. Make sure he knows that you expect him to fail because he is good for nothing. Tell all your friends what a loser he is, while he’s there, and never, ever praise him. 3, Judge him.

Judge him negatively and criticize him every chance you get. If you can’t find anything negative to criticize him about, just make something up. Utilize every opportunity you have to find new faults in him and make him aware of them 4, Don’t trust him

Don’t trust him, no matter how trustworthy, honest, reliable or loyal he proves himself to be. Accuse him and suspect him without any provocation. 5, Blame him.

Blame him for everything that goes wrong in your life. Take all your anger, frustration, fears and insecurity and place them on his shoulders. Whatever negative feelings or experiences you are having, punish him for it. 6, Never take responsibility.

Never apologize. Never ever admit that something you have done may have hurt him. Just live as though you don’t care about how much he’s hurting. Hurt him all you can and never say sorry. 7, Don’t support him.

Leave him alone and isolated. Never be there for him. He’s a man and should be able to handle whatever comes his way by himself. You don’t have time for a man who needs your help.

If you’re looking for ways to drive a man far away from you and make sure he never looks back, this is the way to go. If you want to keep your man,however, then do the opposite of this


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